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At what speed would a motorcycle be safe?
Release date:2020.12.16

Nowadays domestic motorcycle is given priority to with 125, safe speed should be consider to average 125 knights, many 125 motorcycle top speed can be up to 100 yards, but ordinary speed is 60, on the way to the safe speed is less than 50, 70 words, it will be dangerous, in the 100 belong to racing, 125 displacement motorcycle is the vehicle brake system is not perfect without ABS in urban areas should speed control between 30 to 50, and meet an emergency can also effectively on the brakes (don't distracted attention to attention, cycling gear to complete)

In cities is the use of scooters, buy vegetables, pick up the kids, work, generally within 30 to 35 km walk, ride a bike to work or relatively appropriate speed control within 50 yards, control your own right hand caution is ship in ten thousand, when the speed in thunderstorm weather to control within 30 kilometers, the thunderstorm weather don't fall down, the brakes will skid with ABS is more dangerous

Although say ten times the nine times faster, actually still will divide the occasion, there are a lot of motorcycle table and normal speed is not consistent, if the cart more places on national road cycling many trucks before and after the attack must look at your rear view mirror to prevent big trucks in the blind can't see the crash, want to remember a crossing honk, horn to keep in good condition, before going out to check, there is something wrong with the brakes will take notice when flash headlights at night a few tips to each other.


Actually speed completely unable to measure your safety, if you pass a lot of shows you ride fast, if exceed your car a lot you ride slowly, you can run a bit faster when roads are clear, must be slow, bad road conditions is not retrograde, not illegal, a crossroads must grasp the riding skills, slow down when you don't play on the road acrobatics, not fast, safe riding.

A common 125 motorcycles and a male upgrade of motorcycle in 125 to the 80 already gone with the wind, and the big row of up to 150 will feel very secure, or the weight of the body, after all, is different, cars, tires, brakes, manipulation is completely different, so security is also different, control your own right hand safety riding!!!!!

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