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Run-in period just passed, how often should motorcycle oil be changed after?
Release date:2020.12.29

Motorcycles have always been people's favorite means of transportation, because compared with people who do not have a very good standard of living, motorcycles have been a good means of transportation, cheaper than cars, and faster than bicycles. Motorcycle to a certain time, but also to change the oil, so as to extend its service life. So, after the run-in period, when to change the most appropriate motorcycle oil?

Motorcycle, a two - or three-wheeled vehicle driven by a gasoline engine and controlled by a handlebar. It is light, flexible and fast. It is widely used for patrol, passenger and cargo transportation, etc., as well as sports equipment. In the general direction, motorcycles are divided into streetcars, road racing motorcycles, cross-country motorcycles, cruise cars, station wagons and so on.

General motorcycles, new cars in the run-in period, is generally 500-1000 kilometers for the first oil, every 2000 kilometers after the oil can be changed. The brand of oil is not very important, as long as the guarantee is not fake or inferior oil on the line, the price is similar to the real oil, the oil quality is similar. According to kilometer distance, oil change is the biggest mistake, the best oil change for the season, the most appropriate change! Just change it four times a year, and you don't have to count miles! Season can be changed according to different temperature different label of oil so that the engine has a better working state! Clean the air filter often, and the standard oil!

Two-stroke and four-stroke are not the same: two-stroke is a mixture of gasoline and oil combustion. The four strokes are lubricated and do not participate in combustion. A motorcycle should be four-flush. If you burn oil, it is recommended to go to the repair shop immediately for inspection: cylinder block, piston, piston ring, valve and oil seal. It is dangerous to dry up the oil. It is easy to burst the cylinder. If the cylinder bursts, your engine will be ruined for more than half. Be sure to check frequently. The lubrication system of motorcycle is different from that of automobile. It is recommended to change the oil of 2000-3000km.

Motorcycle oil maintenance of the basic knowledge: motorcycle divided into two kinds: a motorcycle for two strokes, a motorcycle for four strokes, now basically two strokes of the motorcycle has basically stopped production are four strokes of the motorcycle, first say the next two four strokes of the motorcycle new car maintenance knowledge. The new car in the 300 km when the need to change the oil (new car oil from the dealer special oil), the second time in the motorcycle running 600 km when the oil change, the third time in 1000 km when the oil change, this is the first three times, maintenance is very important. Every 500km after the first three maintenance. This will make your bike last longer.


Motorcycle notes:

1, do not have to wash the car shop or let others help to wash the car, wash the car shop seems to have all the tools operating standard, but the pursuit of efficiency is not good effect of the problem is also there, if not good will be the spark plug and a variety of lines out of order.

2. Be sure to cool the hot car before washing it. Suddenly with cold water wash engine, exhaust pipe and other components, heat expansion and cold contraction principle we all know, will destroy each part of the oil seal, leading to the engine oil seepage, a lot of Moyou engine slightly oil is this reason. Can also cause the exhaust pipe and engine junction chrome layer off oxidation rust.

 3, headlight, armrest, switch, the exhaust vent (best thing on the wall), horn, spark plugs, air filter, it is best not to direct water flushing in areas such as the battery, these areas have circuit, can cause a short circuit or leakage after wet, appeared the light not bright, horn ring, fire, driving weakness, such as fault, it is better to clean cloth.

4, wash the car must be the lower part of the engine and radiator wash clean, recommended to use a toothbrush with detergent wash, such a benefit is both beautiful, and can easily find the engine oil and other problems.

5, after washing the car to dry the whole car with a dry rag, especially the switch, instrument, left and right armrest, spark plug, oil cap and other parts, pay special attention to the spark plug cap off a few times, the above sleeve water out, otherwise it will affect the ignition.

6. After drying, start the vehicle, run at idle speed for 5-10 minutes, exhaust the exhaust pipe water, and then drive on the road at a moderate speed for a few minutes or dry in the shade, not in the sun.

7. Every time it rains, I ride my bike home and put it in storage, and pay attention to dry the car, especially the exhaust pipe. Now the pollution is serious, the rain is acidic, the exhaust pipe rotten early is mostly caused by this reason, although troublesome, but it is definitely the way to love the car.

8. After the motorcycle is cleaned, the shell can be sprayed with wax, rubbed evenly with a fine emery cloth, and the chain should be lubricated again.