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How to install and maintain motorcycle chain
Release date:2020.12.29

The chain is one of the important parts of motorcycle, and also the conveyor belt of motorcycle power. The quality of the chain directly affects the durability, comfort and reliability of motorcycle.

No matter what the brand and quality of the chain, will be longer, but the good brand cycle is longer. The chain component has the pin shaft, the chain piece, the sleeve, the roller.

The most common friction occurs in the chain parts is the roller, which is constantly friction between the sleeve and the tooth disk. Some poor quality chains can quickly thin or grind rollers in use, an experience many mojans have experienced.

This is not to say that a good material won't get thinner, but a good material will wear better and slow down wear, but it will get thinner at its limits. This suggests that the car with a big brand or quality chain.

Each roller is a few millimeters thin, and the wheelbase gets longer, so a chain with more than 100 nodes gets longer, which is one reason for the chain's elongation.

(1) Installation

In the selection of chain and sprocket to ensure that the two match, but also to pay attention to the sprocket and tire concentricity, otherwise it will cause serious premature wear because of a tight one loose. During installation, place the sprocket on the sprocket seat without any wear, install the sprocket to fix the screw and cover the locking gasket. Do not screw the screw too tightly. Install the chain after loading the sprocket with the tire.

If the chain is loose and tight, the sprocket and tire have different centers. To adjust, turn the rear wheel to the closest part of the chain and gently tap the sprocket forward with a wooden or rubber hammer (never use an iron hammer) to loosen the chain. Turn the rear wheel again to observe whether the chain is normal, repeat several times until the chain is roughly stable, tighten the sprocket to fix the screws, lock the gasket, and check the tightness of the chain.


1. The tightness between 10cm-15cm is the best.

2. The wheel and chain should be in line with the frame.

It is better to have maintenance once a week.

4. Check whether the buffer rubber sleeve is in good condition.

5. Use products from regular manufacturers.


(2) Maintenance: It is best to maintain the special lubricating oil for the chain

In order to prolong the service life of the chain and lengthen the cycle of the chain, the chain must be oiled and maintained in time. The oil seal chain is the same, do not think that the oil seal chain does not need maintenance. At least once a week. Don't bother. If the chain is maintained well, the components will be lubricated and the friction will be reduced. You know, every time you ride in Taiwan, you clean the chain with kerosene and then oil it. People don't bother.

In real life, we often see users will replace the engine waste machine oil brush in the chain, so that the tires, the frame is also covered with black oil, not only affect the beauty and will make the chain adhere to thick dust. Especially in rainy and snowy days, the sand particles on the chain sprocket wear early and shorten its life.

The correct maintenance of the method is: use clean 4 t oil or hydraulic oil or transformer oil (stores) according to the proportion of 1:1 and 1:2 mixed, with a clean brush will match good oil evenly drop in the middle of the roller chain, forming a thin layer of oil film and protection chain, use after a period of time, for the oil film works fast drop again. The principle is "apply less oil, more often" and keep the chain loose enough so that the chain and sprocket are both clean and durable.