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Motorcycle oil leakage causes spontaneous combustion, how to prevent?
Release date:2020.12.29

Summer is a season of frequent "motorcycle burning car" accidents, the main reason for burning car accidents is "motorcycle oil leakage" after the high temperature weather exposure, easy to cause spontaneous combustion and other accidents, below share the main reasons for motorcycle oil leakage, and how to prevent oil leakage, and motorcycle oil leakage case!

1. Main causes of oil leakage

Problems in motorcycle design lead to poor quality and process of products (accessories) and materials, problems in structural design, improper assembly adjustment, unclean surface matching, damaged gaskets, displacement or failure to install according to the operation specifications, uneven torque force of fastening nuts, broken or loose thread and so on, leading to work failure.

After long-term use of sealing materials, excessive wear, aging, deterioration, deformation failure, too much lubricating oil, oil level is too high or wrong oil, parts joint surface deflection, shell damage, so that the lubricating oil seepage, ventilation plug, one-way valve blocked, due to the effect of pressure difference between inside and outside the box shell, often cause leakage at the sealing weak point.

Fuel leakage caused by spontaneous combustion, the part of the oil spill, oil between general from the tank to the carburetor, joints rubber aging, carburetor interface parts gasket damaged aging, can lead to external oil leakage, leakage of hot Xia Jigeng contributed to the volatilization of gasoline, coupled with the front several inducing factors, it is easy to cause spontaneous combustion.


2. Measures to prevent motorcycle oil leakage

(1) To understand the most basic motorcycle loss problem: motorcycle parts used for too long will produce wear limit (such as piston and cylinder liner), resulting in the combustion chamber high pressure gas intrusion into the crankcase, and forced oil leakage. At this point, should be early maintenance or replacement of worn parts.

(2) to know the key to the oil and stop: timely replacement failure of oil seal, the car a lot of parts, such as oil seal due to improper installation, journal is different from oil seal edge, the deflection and dumped oil, used for some oil seal for rubber aging could lose elasticity, leakage should be updated in a timely manner, properly solve all kinds of tubing joint sealing.

(3) in addition to the oil seal, small cushion is also very important: attaches great importance to the liner, such as the joint end, the end cover, shell cover, cushion, plane enamel plate, such as liner role plays a leakproof between parts, if the quality of materials, production and installation is not in conformity with the specification, will not seal leakage protection function, even accidents.

(4) The most important thing is to avoid hub oil dumping: hub oil dumping can be caused by excessive hub bearing and cavity lubrication oil, improper assembly of hub bearing and its oil seal, poor quality and aging failure, hub sliding over height caused by frequent braking, and axle nut decoupling. Therefore, the use of "cavity lubrication (that is, excessive lubrication)", dredging air holes, and to choose high-quality accessories, strictly according to the process specifications for assembly and adjustment.

(5) between all kinds of fastening nut shall be in accordance with the provisions of torque tighten: if a screw is elastic can determine oil leakage, SongYa don't tight packing leakage, too tight will make metal protuberance or around the screw hole of the oil spill caused to slide the thread screw, on the other hand, the oil pan drain plug if not tight or loose fall off, easy to cause the oil drain, and then, burn machine holding shaft damage accidents, automotive header nut often tear open outfit, easy to slide wire broken clasp and loose, the center line of the two cone not overlap and poor contact, taper is different and not consistent, thus will cause oil leakage, replace the tube nut, by grinding method to solve the taper sealing, make the nut locking and sealing is good.

(6) is closely related with tank pores clogging: to avoid one-way valve, vent valve closed, which leads to increase in temperature and pressure in the box shell, oil and gas is full of the whole space, emissions do not go out, lubricating oil consumption increase and change cycle shortened, engine air hole jam, increase the role of the oil plug, tend to cause weak seal leaks, therefore, need for regular inspection, dredging and cleaning vehicles.

3. Motorcycle "non-wear" oil leakage case

The above is oil leakage prevention. Take a look at these "non-leakage" oil leakage cases. The motorcycle that was first sold was a popular "Gucci", the model being California Touring 1400, that was widely circulated on the Internet. The total cost of the car is 223,000 yuan (including purchase tax). However, it has faced multiple breakdowns since its first month on the road. "There are two: one is an oil leak and the other is a brake failure."

From the first month after the purchase, the vehicle appeared oil problems. "I repaired it three times and changed the gasket." The dealer's after-sales service said that there was an oil seepage problem and the sealing ring needed to be replaced.

KTM's flagship 1290 Super Adventure has announced a recall of the 1290 Super Adventure in the US market for fuel leakage risks. The affected 1290 Super Adventure is a model from 2015-2016. The recall is due to a defect in the installation of the fuel tank lid, which may cause a fuel leak.

A fuel leak, in the worst case, can cause damage or even fire, causing vehicle damage and death. As a remedy for this recall, which affected 1,588 vehicles, KTM's local DEALERS in the United States will notify affected local vehicle owners and will inspect and replace the installation plug-ins for fuel tank caps free of charge.

Tips: Moyo, before driving, carefully check the vehicle, found oil leakage and other abnormal phenomena, do not drive on the road. Especially in summer, due to the dry and hot weather, spontaneous combustion and other accidents are very easy to occur, which not only threaten the safety of life and property, but also do certain harm to the public.