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How big is the difference after adding ABS to motorcycles?
Release date:2021.01.07

ABS for motorcycles, its significance and value is not completely equal to the car's ABS. Now the motorcycle ABS is still in the popularization stage, just like the domestic car market 20 years ago, there is the best, there is no line, but vigorously popularize and promote is very necessary, its hardware cost is also gradually reduced.

At present, there are many motorcycles without ABS in China, and the ones with the displacement below 250 are basically without ABS.

So why hasn't ABS been fully popularized in motorcycles at present?

It's because the way cars and motorcycles are controlled is very different. In the daily driving, again big crisis, big deal a foot brake stamping die - for many ordinary people, they ability can do the most positive thing is only a stamp foot brake, and then give the rest of the ABS or ESP electronic control system, such as a lot of people even the most basic solution to oversteer or understeer experience and intuition of the reaction.


But for motorcycles, even if they can rely on ABS to brake when they need to brake in an emergency, there will be many other kinds of crises in daily driving, such as sideslip in the bend. In actual driving, there will be many opportunities to lose the grip of the wheels, and the probability of occurrence is much greater than that of straight braking.

So while the cost of electronic control equipment is not generally acceptable, riding a motorcycle is about your safety awareness, protective equipment and driving skills, not about ABS.

Of course, ABS is better than no ABS, but it does not mean that the car without ABS will fall to death, can not ride. Even a car with ABS can be safely driven so it doesn't work, and when it does, it's already in a dangerous state. The first thing we should do is to subjectively avoid the prevention of dangerous conditions in advance, rather than relying on the ABS to ignore the danger. Cars are the same. I have been driving cars for more than ten years, and I don't remember stepping on the ABS for several times, which means that the road is frozen in snow.

Never think that the motorcycle that has ABS can be casually Hu rides, again advanced electronic stability system also can not block the silly C that commit suicide

Motorcycle accidents are not all caused by jammed brakes!

There are low side, there are rear-end, there are not focused on hitting the flower bed, there are warped head warped, there are high-speed pit wheel hub instantaneous deformation, there are high-speed pressure stone bounce fly, there are broken beam, broken faucet, broken chain and so on. There are those who are well bent, knocked off a cliff by a car that skidded out of the driveway on the other side, and who can fall and crush their feet even if they don't park carelessly.

Once encountered in front of the car of the elder brothers did not press down, resulting in a ditch, and from the ditch bounce out of the horizontal spread on the road, although has pine brake, but still hit up, this is because I follow the car too close, this time to give me an ABS, or will hit. There are not many accidents caused by straight line brake lock alone.

Riding for ten years, I know a lot of cycling injured cyclists, most of them are not because of ABS, which leads to the death of the car. For example, a fall into a disabled elder brother, because the taxi suddenly changed, look at the scene photos, there are ABS so close distance, also must hit, a brake dead at most a little light fall. But if you see a taxi coming from the left and take the initiative to slow down and stay away, don't ride 80 yards in the city, there will be no such accident.

Therefore, ABS can effectively reduce the accident rate, but it is not the decisive factor of life and death. Safety is in your own hands, after all, ABS is just a very elementary and simple electronic control system!