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Novice must see the selection of the car 5 big taboo!
Release date:2021.01.07

How to choose a motorcycle novice, this topic is a cliched, but still many new pit motorcycle friends will be confused, do not know how to choose. Here we discuss together, the novice from which several aspects to avoid mine, pick a desirable motorcycle!

Avoid blind overspending, control the budget according to the ability

As the saying goes: the big hand, the big bowl. A young man next door is a living example. When he bought a car, he budgeted around 40,000 yuan, and then found that with a little more money, he could buy a car with a bigger engine and better configuration. In the end, it was found that this mountain was higher than that one and no longer had any height. So, buy a motorcycle or according to their own economic ability, after all, cycling is to enjoy the wind and freedom.

Don't covet petty gains

It is a rule of experience that penny wise, pound foolish. Just like a friend in the group, graph cheap on the Internet to buy a dragon 6, the result is a black car, was cheated more than 10,000 yuan. So in buying a car this matter, do not go greedy for small bargains. Buy a cheap car is happy for a while, when you buy the car back, you will find that all kinds of trouble will come, and finally do not save much money, you still have to fight every day, trip after trip to the repair shop, a lot of problems.


Don't obsess over performance

It's not about not paying attention to performance, it's about not obsessing over performance. While performance is the most important thing when buying a car, it's a mistake to obsess over it. For starters, most of the car's capabilities are not well developed, so the focus should be on brand, service, etc.

Avoid perfectionism

No one is perfect, and no motorcycle is perfect. You can score 100. Even if there is a near perfect motorcycle, the price must be quite expensive, often listed as unaffordable series, it is not necessary (the rich skip). For the beginner, the motorcycle and motorcycle technology is still in the trial and practice stage, there is no need to start with a car that is perfect in all aspects.

Avoid no brain to believe the assessment

There's nothing wrong with shopping around. But now before people buy things to see the evaluation, evaluation and so on, not all letter. It is said from the mouth of others that this thing is which is which good, which is which is practical, all kinds of boast, and then the brain fever to buy, only to buy back once used, found that is not the case at all. For beginners, evaluation of these as a reference is good, brainless according to the list of all accepted, will only pit their own. Choose a car or to fit their own actual situation, personal experience, so as to choose a suitable car.

Newbie car selection needs to do more homework, to understand their real needs, to understand the relevant knowledge of the car, do not think that what others say is really good, others riding comfortable you riding will be comfortable. Suitable for their own is the best, rational consumption is the most desirable.