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Haojue is another force, beautiful price, 124cc single cylinder + 6.2KW power
Release date:2021.01.07

VS125E is a low-end practical small pedal launched by Haojue. The current price of this car is about 8000. Compared with models of the same price, it will have two advantages.

Although this car is positioned as a low-end practical model, its overall appearance shows a strong visual impact, obviously much better than the same level of models, both in the appearance of breaking the conventional streamlined design, and in the workmanliness of the meticulous.

This car exhaust pipe design and bolt material to give people a feeling of texture, and did not slight, with its price can have such a performance is not easy, a lot of scooters with the same price will not necessarily have such details.

Powertrain VS125E is equipped with UM engine. Although the technology of this powertrain is a little old, it has the characteristics of solid durability and stable performance.


Engine actual displacement 124 ml, maximum power 6.2 KW, 9.3 N.m maximum torque, because the power output is low, so the actual torque output is good, and compared to haojue low-end models before, whether it's running quality or performance will be much better, plus the integration of efi system, make the car's fuel consumption performance is more significant, if gentle cycling can basically maintain at about 2.3 L.

In addition to the above two advantages, VS125E quadrature in the compasses in configuration and there is no too much, of course want to practical small pedals and equipment on the tall auxiliary configuration is impossible, but in terms of work, and with few opponents basically independent brands, prices than even some joint brand models will have an advantage, so the processing of detail is also a hard power potential of the car.

In general, Haojue VS125E has become the "favorite" of the market, in addition to the more balanced performance in all aspects, the appearance is really a good bright spot, its performance in the control, power is also excellent, each is perfect integration with the needs of users. At the same time, such as configuration has everything, therefore, short distance haojue VS125E is really a good choice.