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Motorcycle maintenance welding welding is easy to cause fire, how to avoid?
Release date:2021.01.07

Some friends may see this title will say, repair motorcycle also need electric welding? Should not be electric welding machine, it is electric soldering iron, if repair a circuit to use electric soldering iron is about the same, with electric welding machine is a bit exaggerated.

This is not an exaggeration, welding circuit is definitely to use electric soldering iron, but motorcycle maintenance in the use of electric welding time is not a few. Such as welding shelves, welding partial support, and even welding girder, welding magnet trigger boss and so on, can be used in many places.

The use of welding means in motorcycle maintenance, must be standardized operation, pay attention to technology, otherwise it is easy to cause fire accidents. Electric welding motorcycle accident points are actually very simple, that is, we must take the nearest rail!

In other words, put the lapping wire where you solder it. For example, if you are soldering a side brace, you should never just attach the strap to the car, but just attach it to the side brace nearby.


The reason is that the working current during welding is very large. If the frame is not in good contact, the contact point is easy to cause overheating due to the relatively large resistance. If there happens to be flammable material, such as wire rubber, plastic, or if there is gasoline from the leaking pipe, it can easily cause a fire.

Most of the problems on the motorcycle are wire sintering caused by fire, the reason is that the motorcycle relative to the current of the welding machine is too thin, not enough to be used as a welding machine strap wire. But the ground wire relative to other lines and thick, current often along the small resistance of the place to go, that is, the motorcycle ground, this line can not withstand the large current of the welding machine, it is easy to burn off or melt fire.

The same welding on the car is rarely caused by this phenomenon, because the car bonding wire is thick enough to be used as a welding wire. Experienced masters will find that when welding a bicycle, the wire is not good. The phenomenon of red and hot brake lines and springs is nearly caused by scrap, which is caused by the bad wire.