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Scrapped motorcycles destroyed! When will the motorcycle scrap fixed number be cancelled?
Release date:2021.01.21

It is estimated that in addition to the current ban on motorcycle, motorcycle scrap number of years is the most jokes about motorcycle friends. Today, I saw a group of pictures of the site of the destruction of scrapped motorcycles on the Internet. Excavators and welding guns were all in action. The scene was so big that some of them were too shocking. I don't mean that many ministries and commissions have had meetings to discuss it, but what about the results? When will the 13-year scrap period for motorcycles be abolished? !

Now the latest age for motorcycles is 13 years. According to Article 5, Clause 11 of the "Regulations on Compulsory Scrap Standard for Motor Vehicles", the service life of three-wheeled motorcycles is 12 years, and that of other motorcycles is 13 years. But it's worth noting that mopeds with more than 100, 000 kilometers of mileage will also be scrapped, mainly for those who arrive first.

The relevant provisions of the law also clearly indicate that registered motor vehicles will face mandatory scrapping if they have one of the following situations:

1. After repair, it still fails to meet the requirements of the national standards of motor vehicle safety technology;

2. After repair, the emission or noise is still not up to the standard;

3. After the expiration of the validity period of vehicle inspection, it fails to obtain the pass mark of motor vehicle inspection for 3 consecutive cycles.

These scrapped locomotives add up to a huge number. The scrapped motor vehicles shall be sold to the relevant waste motor vehicle recycling and dismantling enterprises, and then they shall register, dismantle and destroy in accordance with the relevant regulations. At the same time, the registration certificate, plate and driving license of the non-old motor vehicles must be handed over to the traffic management department of the public security organ for cancellation.



From the above pictures, these destroyed vehicles are mainly small displacement commuter vehicles. However, with the improvement of living standards and the change of consumers' ideas, motorcycles are no longer limited to commuting, but have gradually transformed into recreational functions. Motorcycles have become a kind of culture and a new fashion trend.

The original intention of the state to formulate scrapping policy is nothing more than to ensure the safety of motorcycles. But now can buy a large row of cars, whether domestic or imported trade, quality has a qualitative leap, a big trade car run hundreds of thousands, hundreds of thousands of words, and 13 years usually also run 30-50 thousand kilometers, the basic car is new.

If the future motorcycle scrap policy has not made changes, the future of these scrapped models will appear in the BMW waterbird, Harley, even just run tens of thousands of kilometers of the "new" car, it is inevitable to be destroyed fate, think about the scene, not only meat pain, the heart is broken...