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What are the categories of motorcycle shock absorbers?
Release date:2021.01.21

As is known to all, shock absorber is an important component of the motorcycle, its role is to alleviate and attenuation in the process of driving motorcycle road uneven impact and vibration, and ensure driving comfort and comfort, to improve the service life of the motorcycle and the stability of the manipulation, the following this paper analysis the classification of motorcycle shock absorber, see together

Classification of shock absorbers:

There are many kinds of shock absorbers, the vast majority of motorcycles use cylinder shock absorbers, only a few use steel plate spring structure, cylinder shock absorbers and a lot of varieties

(1) basically according to the installation position points: there are front shock absorbers and shock absorbers

(2) according to the load adjustment type: there are spring initial pressure adjustment type, air spring type, installation Angle adjustment type

(3) According to the direction of attenuation force, it is divided into one-way action shock absorber and two-way action shock absorber

(4) According to the working position of the cylinder, there are inverted shock absorbers (that is, the cylinder position is above, the piston rod is below) and positive shock absorbers (the cylinder position is below, the piston rod is above).


(5) According to the structure form, there are telescopic tube type front fork hydraulic shock absorber (which is the most used front shock absorber in motorcycles at present), rocker arm type shock absorber, rocker arm lever vertical type center shock absorber, rocker arm lever inclined center shock absorber

(6) according to the working medium: spring type shock absorber, spring - air damping shock absorber (due to the damping force of the air is limited, shock absorber effect is not ideal, generally only used for low speed mopped after shock absorber), hydraulic damping shock absorber, oil-gas mixed shock absorber, nitrogen filled hydraulic shock absorber