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Motorcycle three kinds of transmission mode
Release date:2021.01.21

Motorcycle chain transmission is the most common way, in addition, there are three kinds of shaft transmission and belt transmission, today we look at the three kinds of transmission have what advantages and disadvantages

1. Chain drive


A. Light weight, quick start, direct power (only chain drive on sports cars and racing cars)

B. High transfer efficiency and small energy loss

C. Cheap price and convenient maintenance


A. The maintenance cycle is shorter than that of shaft drive

B. Maintenance cycle varies greatly according to the use environment (such as the erosion of impurities such as sediment, rain and snow)

C. High torque will seriously stretch the chain, which is irreversible and can only be replaced instead of repaired

Chain drives are used in mobility scooters, scooters and most mainstream models; Due to its light weight, the chain drive is also used in competitive models, such as the SBK (super motorcycle) and off-road models


2. Shaft drive


A. High strength, can adapt to greater torque

B. Reliable structure and stable working performance

C. Direct power output


A. The overall structure is heavy and cannot be lightweight

B. Trouble maintenance and high price of parts

Shaft drive mode is more suitable for heavy cruise models with large torsion, such as Yamaha cruise car, BMW's 1200RT cruise series and other large displacement models will use shaft drive

3. Belt drive

Belt drive is generally divided into straddle cycle belt and scooter belt (CVT). This article is only about straddling the bike belt


A. Soft structure with almost no operating noise

B. No lubricating oil is needed to avoid tedious maintenance

C. High elasticity, when changing gears, the speed difference can be well resolved by the deformation of the belt, that is, the smooth rise and fall


A. The belt is easy to slip when the car with heavy torque accelerates suddenly

B. The transmission efficiency is low and the service life is not long (the rubber belt has no resistance to flying sand and stones)

C. Another big difference with a chain is that a chain can barely carry you to the repair shop even when it's "dead and gone," while a belt will snap and give you no chance to cushion yourself

Belt drive mode is more suitable for heavy cruise models paying attention to ride comfort, such as Harley, BMW F800GT