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Comments: The Honda CM300 is a simple and unsophisticated entry-level cruise car
Release date:2021.01.28

Recently, the popularity of the Honda CM300 has been unabated, and this car is even seen as an important step in the Honda harvest market. What is the appeal of a single cylinder 300cc cruise car that makes people so fascinated? Let's have a chat today

300cc single cylinder, made into an American Bobber style cruise car, sounds not match, but all say that the car is fragrant, then there must be his reason

In appearance, CM300 belongs to the simple line, the whole body frame is black, the difference of several patterns and colors is only changed in the oil tank, several colors are changed in the oil tank, and the overall paint of the body is mainly frosted, there will be no glitter, more create a sense of texture and thickness. The lines of the whole vehicle are round, including the lamp set, instrument and fuel tank. We will try our best to reflect the feeling of roundness but not bloat. The overall look is very energetic and in line with the temperament of BOBBER models

Compared with other cruise cars, the fuel tank is slightly more upright. Because the inline single-cylinder and twin-cylinder engines are not full enough, the fuel tank part is made such a shape, and the engine is also slightly forward to make the front part more full

Without the vibration of a V-twin, instead of a traditional heavy cradle frame, a diamond frame was used. The engine becomes part of the frame to support the rigidity and also reduces some weight. The loss of a rear cylinder head saves a lot of space for the engine and the rear seat, so the seats are more forward, the wheelbase is shorter, and ultimately the Triangle is a little bit sideways


Thanks to its light weight, low center of gravity, and short wheelbase, the CM300 offers more flexibility than a traditional American cruise. The car's steering is light, and the steering radius is small, so it can turn around with confidence during riding. The car's sitting position also allows you to put your feet down to support the car in an emergency

Front is positioned shock absorber, travel 120mm, soft orientation is comfortable, after the double gun shock absorber preload adjustable, travel 99mm, because the rear shock absorber is soft, but the travel is small, so in the deceleration belt will let a person feel after the shock absorber is a little hard, will be uncomfortable

The clutch is light, the brake path is moderate, and the front and rear single-disc design is sufficient for this low-displacement cruiser. The previous clear four-piston calipers in the opposite direction and the rear single-piston calipers give the CM300 less inertia due to the low center of gravity and the cruiser's sitting position, plus a weight of only 170kg. In addition, the design speed of this bike is not high. When riding in the city at a speed of 50-80km/h, the brake is very confident

Four valve power part, single cylinder 286 cc engine, maximum power 20 kw / 8000 RPM, 25 nm / 7500 RPM, belong to a more conservative data, displacement near DR300, promise 300 platform, the engine is the data in the middle, on the whole engine calibration is superior, from riding feeling for, on the arrangement of the tooth than, 1, 2, 3, gear tooth relatively than change, following several gear change is more moderate, this makes the car in low speed torque performance is better, so low speed situation, when gear and speed switch, if processes is not good, There will also be drag cases

The meter is small and delicate, and the content displayed is practical and not too loud. The speed on other sports models is no longer displayed on this car, so it should also be intended to convey a concept that this car is not built by you looking at the speed, or that this car is hoping that you ride with style, and then Buddha some

In this type of American cruise vehicle, the Honda also belong to latecomers, but Honda has not completely the tape measure of plagiarism, but the cruise, especially the bobber this idea really understand and apply in their own cars, so they simplify the body, reduce weight, with the maturity of their own engine platform at the same time, reduce costs, also increased the stability of the vehicle, so it is a Honda understood bobber

Neither American cruise that kind of "social" feeling, also don't have that Japanese cars has always been the pursuit of performance, style to the extreme, it belongs to the sui generis cruise vehicle, on the culture above are weaker than American locomotive, and then the design and the ride on the texture, and he will tend to American locomotive, so for the novice, friendly. You can feel the joy of a cruise car, but at the same time you won't be bothered by the American culture, so this is a very good vehicle for beginners, and maybe for the whole cruise market in China. Can this CM300 car cut leek after all? We'll see