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How about the Kawasaki Z400?
Release date:2021.01.28

Now Kawasaki's cars are basically imported into China in the form of large trade, so the introduction of models and prices have become a small threshold. In addition, it involves the issue of power castration. After all, it costs more money, but the power is also castrated as a result, which will make people a little uncomfortable more or less. But that still doesn't stop some motorists from loving Kawasaki. What about the lightweight Kawasaki Z400?


Model overview

Not long ago, the 2021 model Z400 went on sale in China. The biggest change from the old model is the abolition of the speed limit, which means that car owners do not have to lift the speed limit as before. While the old model has a 135km/h speed limit, the new Z400 has an official top speed of 180km/h

The car is powered by a water-cooled two-cylinder four-stroke engine with an actual displacement of 399cc, with a maximum power of 33.5KW (45PS) / 9600RPM, a maximum torque of 37.2N.m/ 8000RPM, sliding clutch, LED light source, LCD LCD display panel, Bosch ABS, etc

Old model price: 46,800 yuan

Suggested retail price of the new model 2021:47,800 yuan


Model parameters

Engine Type: Water-cooled twin cylinder four stroke engine

Actual displacement: 399cc

Maximum power: 33.5KW (45PS) / 9600RPM

Maximum torque: 37.2n.m /8000rpm

Track width: 1370 mm

High: 785 mm

Fuel tank capacity: 14L

Vehicle weight: 167 kg


Used car price

There is a lot of second-hand information about this car, and there is a large space to choose from. Take the old model to be registered in 2019, about 6000 kilometers, and about 43,000 yuan as a reference (the old model's price is 46,800 yuan).

My feedback


1.2021 model speed limit cancelled

2. The guarantee rate is good

3. Flexible control and good riding texture

4. Focus on brand and guarantee after-sales service


1. Slightly low configuration

2. There is no price advantage

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