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BMW cruising car how to change?
Release date:2021.02.04

BMW launched in recent years, quite a few classic flavour is dye-in-the-wood, from R NineT to large displacement R 18, has unique appearance in R5, deserve to go up the shaft, the level of engine exhaust modelling, exaggeration, that those who attempt to Harley a esteems cruise car market, BMW also not forget special invited top refitting workshop, a completely different R18

This work is from Kingston Custom Studio, giving this American cruise car a new look. Streamlined and rounded, this fiberglass fairing has the flavour of an old-fashioned straight-line accelerator

And on the front fairing, the R18 is fitted with a "pignose" radiator from the car, with an upright left-right separation style, inherited from the 1939 BMW 328

This oversized fairing extends all the way back, presenting a wonderful fusion curve with the original fuel tank, making the front flow hood even more integrated. R18's fuel tank, side cover are original parts, even the seat is only replaced with original parts, the classic chrome-plated drive shaft also allows this modified R18 to retain more difficult to low-key details


Different from the rounded style of the front, the rear of the car has a simple, light feeling, through the fully covered back soil in addition to the shape of the perfect response to the front of the huge fairing, but like the fin of the rear of the car protruding and tail light combined, instantly let the visual experience more than a bit of impact

The original frame of BMW R 18 has not been changed, and even the parts you see can be directly installed on the car, corresponding to the original position; The bulky rear fender attached to the subframe can also be mounted directly

At present, Kingston Custom Studio plans to launch a small number of "Spirit of Passion" cars for sale. Car fans all over the world will have the opportunity to directly buy this "BMW transformed into a classic car model".