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What is a kawasaki electric speed shift?
Release date:2021.02.04

With the maturity of the electronic control system in recent years, many models have begun to standard with fast platoon, Kawasaki recently exposed a group of new electronic transmission system patent map, suggesting that the future will be possible to launch with a more smooth automatic transmission function of the car


From the point of patent map, kawasaki, using original Ninja 1000 sx for patent models, and the electronic variable speed system also retained the original's left foot gear lever, but inside the gearbox join electronic system to assist the clutch action, release to give similar works in a fast row, but because of the clutch is controlled by computer, joint operation, so the system will be smaller than fast row sense of frustration


In fact, Japanese brands in the automatic transmission into a considerable amount of research, such as Honda has a DCT dual-clutch transmission system, Yamaha has also published YCC-S electronic clutch, and the Kawasaki patent exposure seems to be more similar to Yamaha's YCC-S; The design is lighter than Honda's DCT and retains the fun of shifting gears while riding

From the patent diagram, this system because of the use of the original traditional gearbox design, only in the clutch part of the additional computer control system device, so can be directly used to the vast majority of existing car models; In response to Kawasaki's earlier announcement that ACC will be available for automatic following, the electronic transmission system may appear alongside ACC on the Versys 1000, Ninja 1000SX, H2 SX and other travel-style models in the future