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How much are used motorcycles priced?
Release date:2021.02.04

Perhaps some people will say, buy used car water is too deep, easy to pit. There is no doubt that many people who buy used cars are cheated because they don't understand them. The reason to be pit is very simple, is the watch and accident. However, we should not be afraid of the shadow of the snake. Once bitten, twice bitten. If you pay more attention and compare used cars, you may be able to make a good profit. A friend is a typical example, a second-hand motorcycle bought 30,000 yuan, playing for a year and sold 30,000 yuan.

If you can accept used cars, you should read on! The price of a used motorcycle is harder to evaluate than the price of a used car, after all, the number of motorcycles is still small, the price is not transparent, but it is not irregular to follow. First of all, playing motorcycles all know the second-hand motorcycle price formula:

The current price of the second-hand motorcycle = the market price ÷ 13× the remaining years (that is, the years from scrappage) ×80%. If the market price of a motorcycle is 100k and it's been driven for 3 years, it's now about 62k.


Of course, this formula is just a reference, there is no specific standard for used cars. For different car conditions, there will be different up and down. At this point, you should check the actual conditions of the car, such as mileage, paint, tires, whether it has been modified.

According to years of experience in car buying, it is easier to buy a motorcycle than a car. The mileage can be adjusted, but the wear and tear on the frame is hard to hide. And motorcycle structure than simple, their own more research, also can understand the same. A large part of the reason for choosing a used motorcycle is that it can greatly reduce the cost of playing the car, reduce the cost of replacing the car, and also increase the fun of playing the car.