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Why are imported motorcycles so expensive?
Release date:2021.02.04

Why are imported motorcycles expensive? It's not just taxes

Are imported motorcycles expensive? Maybe some car lovers will say that it is not expensive, it is good value, of course, as long as you like some things are impossible to use the price to measure. But relative to most motorcycle friends, the price of imported motorcycles is relatively high.

For example, BMW G310GS sells for 51600, KTM390ADV for 53800, Kawasaki Z400 for 47800, Honda CB500X for 72200, Suzuki DL650 for 95800 and Yamaha MT-07 for 109800. Isn't that expensive for the 600 million of us whose per capita monthly income is less than 1,000 yuan?

Obviously not the usual expensive. So what causes this phenomenon?

In the past, many car fans attributed the high price of imported big-trade models to the tax, of course, this includes me, but recently I saw a video completely overturned this perception. In very professional and easy language, the video explains what we are seeing, and while some of the points may be open to debate, at least it helps us find a relatively solid answer.

In addition to the cost of imported motorcycles, tariffs, transportation, warehousing and logistics are all factors that determine their final price, but this is not the whole story. Because according to the video, even when you add all of these up, the FOB price, the dealer's wholesale price, for these cars is much cheaper than we thought.


Take the G310GS as an example. The highest cost price of this car after entering China is only 30,000 RMB. So how can it get its high price of 50,000 RMB? And this car for a period of time 35,000 or more than 40,000 low selling, and how to implement? The discerning man already knows the mystery.

So what keeps the price of imported motorcycles so high is the dealer's huge profit margins, which are said to be as high as 66%. Here I suddenly think of a story in the early days, XX Na just entered the country, the German side means that the price is about 100,000, and the Chinese side is strongly required to price 180,000, and also without bargaining, then the German side asked why, the Chinese side gave the answer is that the Chinese people do not buy cheap cars because they lose face.

As for this little story is true can not be verified, but from the later price reduction of this car can be seen that there is a catch, so the high price of imported models, fees and taxes are not a direct factor.

See here, some friend may be angry, but I hope you calm, cars and motorcycles for profiteering industry not only just have a lot of, can't you see they earn more money, they had to hate, also can't because we have demand, requires that they sold, it's not conform to the basic logic, why don't have the money to earn the somebody else to do this line?

The main reason for the larger profit of the dealers is that the domestic motorcycle is not competitive, and our one kneel lick, making the imported models have a kind of innate superiority. If home-made motorcycle fights for a bit, import model still has what reason to sell so high price.

Here we can take pork to play for example, do not know you over there now pork a jin is how much money? Anyway, the price here is 27 yuan, but this price has no influence on me. It is not how rich we are, but because we raise pigs at home. We can balance the price increase through our own resources, and there is no need to see others' face to eat meat.

The same is true for motorcycles. Although it is impossible for everyone to build motorcycles, as long as the independent brand gives some strength, there is no reason to choose imported cars under the same displacement. As long as the market is unbalanced, then dealers will compress costs and reduce profits and prices.

The early car market here is a good proof of why the "high-end Xli" of about 100,000 yuan has turned into a mobility scooter of 30,000 yuan that everyone can afford under the impact of independent brands such as Geely and Chery. Is it because the market layout changes, this so-called superiority immediately disappeared.

So instead of looking forward to zero tariff or discounted prices, it is better to support the domestic cars, more do not use harsh vision to look at them and let them have a breathing space and the development opportunity, only the strong domestic motorcycle, import prices of cars will only fall, otherwise even if others will be moved to the mainland factory, the relevant models of the price will be high.