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Modified exhaust, safer?
Release date:2021.01.28

There is such a saying in playing motorcycle crowd, exhaust sound can play a "reminder, warning" role, on the road to improve the safety of cyclists, we do not know this science is not scientific, listen as if it is also a bit reasonable...

The Romanian Association for the Development of Motorcycles (MOTOADN) recently carried out an interesting study on the noise of motorcycles' exhaust pipes. They wanted to see if loud exhaust is a warning. And keep the knights safe on the roads?

In the experiment, Motoadn collected data from six motorcycles. In the test, two radio microphones with a height of 1.2m were set up on the front and back of each bike. The loudest bike measured 110 decibels, while the quietest bike measured 80 decibels

Firstly, the microphone is placed in the driver's seat, about the height of the driver's ear, the window is closed, the engine starts to maintain 2500-3000 RPM, and the car stereo is turned on at the average volume


Then put the six motorcycles in the rear 10m position of the car, pulled to 6000 RPM, the results are almost all can not be heard in the car, even the loudest motorcycle exhaust can only be equated with the sound of the engine and stereo inside the car, and other smaller sound waves are directly covered by the car engine and stereo

When the bike is next to the rear wheels of the car, only the loudest bike can overtake the engine and the sound of the car's stereo, but both cars are in a position where it is difficult to dodge safely

In this experiment, Motoadn did not conduct a movement test on the closed road, but only adopted the way of firing the throttle in place. Although this measurement method may have a drop difference with the actual road, it can also provide us with a very valuable experimental result

The results were clear: Modifying the exhaust did not help motorcyclists achieve greater safety. When the car is 10m away from the motorcycle, it is difficult to hear the exhaust sound of the motorcycle in the car. When the car is less than 10m away from the car, although the exhaust sound of the motorcycle can be heard in the car, it is difficult to avoid the accident