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It will be safer and safer to ride a trolley!
Release date:2021.01.28

For motorcycles, performance is one thing, and technological innovation is also very important. Manufacturers are also working to make motorcycles safer, more comfortable and more convenient to ride. There is no end to innovation. When will some fledgling new technologies become popular?

1. Adaptive cruise control system

Adaptive cruise control (ACC) itself is not new technology and has been used in cars for years. In fact, companies including Mercedes-Benz and Mitsubishi have been developing such systems since the 1990s. But in the motorcycle industry, it wasn't until 2010 that companies began seriously working on a two-wheeled version of the adaptive cruise system

Ducati introduced the new Multistrada V4 in November 2020, which incorporates the first adaptive cruise control and blind spot surveillance system. BMW followed suit a few weeks ago with the 2021 R 1250 RT equipped with dynamic cruise control (another name for ACC)

The ACC system relies on radar to adjust the motorcycle's speed according to the speed of the vehicle in front of it, maintain a safe distance and do not require the rider to accelerate or decelerate himself

2. Smart helmet

Smart headsets, which have been flooding the market since 2018, are no longer "new." That doesn't mean more black tech helmets are rolling off the assembly line

ICH recently unveiled the IC-R, a smart headset with a range of safety AIDS: dual rear-view cameras, super-bright rear-mounted LED lights, GPS, and speakers with a built-in microphone

Emergency Service Alert System (ESAS) : If there is an accident and the rider does not respond within 5-20 seconds, ESAS notifies the emergency contact

Speech recognition: Speech control to perform certain operations

A HUD display that feeds the rear-view camera onto the lens's screen

There is also a Bluetooth connection, front-facing motion camera, and breath filter......


3. Bosch split screen display

Like the ACC, split-screen displays are already common in the automotive industry, and German tech company Bosch has announced a new 10.25-inch TFT display with split-screen capability, Bluetooth connectivity, and MySpin app compatibility

Split screen means that two different "screens" display different information at the same time. While displaying GPS information, you can also view or set other function data. But there are concerns that more comprehensive information could be a hazard to the rider's safety because the rider has to take more attention

4. Ride Vision 360-degree AI system

Adaptive cruise control is not the only technology motorcycle manufacturers are actively developing to improve riding safety. Blind spot monitoring and ahead distance warning are also being studied. Ducati, Honda and others are working on the technology

Ride Vision's system uses two front and rear cameras to detect objects and vehicles located around the bike, and then displays warnings on two small light bands mounted on the bike's rear-view mirror

Airbag riding pants

High-end cycling apparel brands such as Denise and A-Star have already incorporated airbag technology into jackets, while French startup CX Air Dynamics is working on airbag pants, A project the startup is crowdfunding