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Developing these six habits can extend the battery life of electric vehicles
Release date:2021.02.24

In the winter, riding electric commuting friends, the most headache is the electric vehicle endurance decline, and the winter battery is the most easy to break, often suddenly found that full of electricity can not run how much distance, can only be forced to replace a group of batteries.

Replacement of a group of batteries, the price is not cheap, it is the biggest consumption in the use of electric vehicles, so how to extend the life of the battery as far as possible? Here are eight tips to see if they can help you.

One is to try to charge it every day. It's a little annoying, but it's not that hard to do. Even if your battery life requirement is not long, a single charge can last 2 to 3 days, but it is recommended that you charge every day, so that the battery in the shallow cycle state, the battery life will be extended. Never run the battery out, then recharge it.

Some friends may ask, the battery charge and discharge times is not fixed ah, so frequent charge and discharge will shorten the battery life? The answer is no! Still have a friend to ask, such shallow charge shallow put can have memory effect? The answer is no!

The memory benefit of lead-acid batteries is not as strong as the impact on battery life of constantly running out of power. In most chargers, when the light turns green to indicate a full charge, the battery is likely to be 97 to 99 percent full. Although only 1% ~ 3% of the power is undercharged, the impact on the endurance ability can be almost ignored, but it will also form undercharged accumulation, so after the battery is fully charged, it is better to continue floating charging as far as possible, which is also good for inhibiting battery vulcanization.

The second is timely charging. Since most electric vehicles run on lead-acid batteries, the fatality is the battery vulcanization process. In fact, the battery began to discharge after the beginning of the curing process, in 12 hours, there is obvious curing.

After charging in time, means the battery deep discharge, must not lose electricity storage, timely charge can remove sulfide not badly, if not timely charge, the sulfide crystallization will accumulate and gradually form the crystallization of bulky, general charger is helpless for the crystallization of the bulky, will gradually form the battery capacity decline, shorten the service life of the battery.

So, in addition to charging every day, but also pay attention to, after use to charge as soon as possible, as far as possible to make the battery in a full state. At the same time, the parking of electric vehicles, but also pay attention to the full state of storage, do not lose electricity storage. Some friends, it's cold, don't ride electric cars, don't charge on the basement, a put half a year, may want to ride, but found that the battery has long vulcanized, can not save the electricity, can only replace the new battery pack.

Third, regular deep discharge. A regular deep discharge of the battery also helps to "activate" the battery, which can slightly increase its capacity. The usual method is to discharge the battery completely at regular intervals. The method of complete discharge is to ride on a flat road under normal load conditions to the first undervoltage protection.

Note that we place special emphasis on the first undervoltage protection. After the first undervoltage protection of the battery, after a period of time, the voltage will rise and return to the non-undervoltage state. At this time, if the battery is used again, it will do great harm to the battery. When the battery is fully charged after the complete discharge, the capacity of the battery will be increased.

Four is to develop some good habits of saving electricity. As far as possible to use the slide, such as downhill, ahead of the power cut slide deceleration. Also enter taxiing ahead of a red light to minimize braking. A friend told me that he would rather take one more turn than one less brake, which makes sense.

When starting, if it is a moped, it is best to join the cycling power, which can not only improve the starting speed, but also reduce the loss of battery power and life damage. Because the initial current output is very high, which is very harmful to the battery.

Five is to make full use of maintenance conditions. Many e-bike dealers offer battery maintenance and repair services. Take advantage of these services. Some brands of electric bicycles put forward the overhaul of the battery. Such as: regular maintenance of the battery, can reduce the damage to the battery. Repair of the battery's state of charge can alleviate the "battery lag" failure, which is easy for a dealer equipped with the ability to repair.

For water loss, it is better to replenish water when the battery is 70% full than when the battery is 40% full. Even some brands of products also put forward: to the specified time not repair is equivalent to giving up the battery warranty period. Make consumers suffer losses that should not happen. Therefore, consumers should make full use of the conditions of battery maintenance to extend the service life of the battery.


Six is not to remove the speed limit of the controller. Removing the controller's speed limit, while increasing the speed of some cars, will significantly reduce battery life, in addition to reducing the car's safety. While maintaining a high speed, the battery will continue to output a large current, which is a serious damage to the battery.