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Motorcycle maintenance of common sense, to see if your car needs maintenance!
Release date:2021.02.24

Motorcycle with the increase of driving mileage, vehicle loss increases, this requests us for motorcycle need to maintenance regularly, in real life, a lot of friend, little is known about the maintenance knowledge of motorcycle, especially for the novice, a lot of motorcycle common sense all don't know, today small make up to introduce the motorcycle maintenance knowledge, to welcome you all to discuss.

1, maintain,

Motorcycle maintenance, generally speaking, is the motorcycle parts of the inspection, fastening, lubrication, adjustment and some of the series of operations. Different motorcycles need different maintenance standards, maintenance system as a technical measure, each vehicle has the corresponding standards, in the process of motorcycle maintenance, considering each friend for the vehicle knowledge of different opinions, it is best to professional shop maintenance, to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the vehicle.

2. Maintenance types

① Daily maintenance

Daily maintenance refers to the routine maintenance of the vehicle before and after operation and on the way, especially for the long-distance riders, the maintenance before and after is a guarantee for the smooth journey. The main content of daily maintenance of motorcycles includes inspection before driving, observation in the process of driving and inspection and maintenance after driving. Each car has its corresponding "warranty manual" to find problems in time and deal with them as soon as possible.

② Regular maintenance

Periodic maintenance is generally divided into two categories: periodical maintenance and seasonal maintenance, and can also be divided into primary maintenance, secondary maintenance and tertiary maintenance.


3. Motorcycle maintenance cycle

① Initial maintenance

The normal running-in and the maintenance quality of the running-in period directly affect the service life of the motorcycle and the mileage interval of the overhaul. Therefore, new cars or overhauled cars, in the early use of serious maintenance must be done.

Generally speaking, the initial maintenance is carried out within one month of the purchase of the car or when the car is driven 300km. The new car should strictly comply with the speed limit, load limit and initial maintenance requirements in the running-in period, so as to reduce the loss of the engine and transmission parts, and at the same time to play the performance of the new car and extend the service life of the vehicle.

② Regular maintenance

Regular maintenance is carried out when the vehicle runs for 3 months or every 3000km. If the service time is too long and the road environment is poor, the maintenance time interval should be shortened.

To sum up, for a new car, within the scope of the period, on a regular basis for vehicle maintenance, for vehicles is not new car, every 3000 km on a maintenance is the best, motorcycle as our partner, only carefully take care of it and maintain it, only in this way can the performance of the vehicle, largest vehicle to drive for a long time. No matter who it is, the vehicle can be maximized only if it is maintained well in daily life.