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Level 3 maintenance of motorcycles
Release date:2021.02.24

When the motorcycle travels a certain mileage (generally 1000~2000km), lubricants should be added to the parts that need lubrication, and the exposed bolts and nuts should be tightened according to the regulations. This lubrication, fastening as the center of maintenance operations as a level 1 maintenance.

Level 1 maintenance includes the following items:

1. Turn off the hot engine that works for a period of time, and then restart it after cooling down. Check the uniformity of the carburetor and the idle speed, and adjust it if necessary.

2, the chain drive motorcycle, should be removed from the chain for cleaning, lubricating oil. Belt-driven motorcycles should be removed from the pulley for cleaning, grease injection.

3. Clean the air filter, carburetor, tank filter and fuel switch.

4, remove the carbon deposit on the spark plug, and check and adjust the electrode gap (generally 0.6~0.7mm).

5. Check and adjust the clutch, throttle and brake's free travel, and add lubricating oil to the cable of the control line.

6, the speed odometer and engine tachometer soft shaft, lubricate with grease.

7. Replace the lubricating oil in the gearbox and lubricate the lubricating point.

8. Remove the engine valve cover and check the valve clearance with a micrometer (generally 0.1mm).

9, observe the working condition of the distributor, according to the need to adjust the contact gap (generally 0.4mm) according to the standard requirements, and remove carbon deposition.

10. Clean the dust and dirt on the battery and check whether the contact of the cable joint of the whole car is good.


The maintenance operation centered on inspection and adjustment is called secondary maintenance. Motorcycles generally travel 3000~6000km for secondary maintenance.

In addition to the items of primary maintenance operation, the following items should be added to the content of secondary maintenance:

1, check the steering handle, directional column, front fork transverse and longitudinal swing clearance and front and rear shock absorber function, and adjust according to the situation.

2. Check whether the engine cylinder block and exhaust pipe muffler are loose, and whether the other main parts of the whole are abnormal.

3. Check the wear of the brake disc on the clutch friction plate and the brake block, and adjust or replace it according to the wear condition.

4, remove the generator, clean the stolen goods and dust on the body, pull out the movement for inspection, if found that the height of the brush is lower than the required size, should be replaced.

5. Test whether the sound of the loudspeaker is normal or not. If any problems are found, contact screws should be debugedor updated.

The maintenance operation centered on motorcycle disintegration, assembly decomposition inspection and removal of hidden dangers is called motorcycle three-level maintenance. The three-level maintenance is usually carried out after 6000~10000km.

In addition to completing the work of secondary maintenance, the third level maintenance should also supplement the following contents:

1, the decomposition of the engine, remove the cylinder head, piston top, piston ring, exhaust port and other carbon deposit, check the piston and cylinder wall, connecting rod small head bearing and piston pin, connecting rod big head bearing and crankshaft pin clearance, check the left and right crank runout, etc.

2. Decomposition the clutch, check the free length of the clutch spring and the thickness of the friction plate, and replace the spring or friction plate if necessary.

3, check the transmission gear has no cracks, ablation, peeling and serious step wear phenomenon.

4. Decompose the directional column combination, clean the directional column bearing, add enough grease, and adjust the clearance after installation.

5, decompose the front and rear shock absorbers, add or replace the shock absorber oil.

6, the four-stroke engine needs to check the sealing of the valve, such as poor sealing, should grind the valve or "boring cylinder".