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Motorcycle wear parts maintenance periodic table
Release date:2021.02.24

Wearing parts refer to parts with short service life. If the wearing parts of a motorcycle can not be replaced in time, they will not only damage the vehicle, but also leave hidden dangers for driving safety. So, for the motorcycle wearing parts, how long after the replacement?

Different brands have different warranty periods for wearing parts, ranging from a minimum of three months to one year or from 3,000 kilometers to 20,000 kilometers. Because the damage of vulnerable parts is difficult to define, the warranty period is much shorter than the vehicle warranty period, such as glass, light bulbs, wipers, brake pads, etc., it is difficult to determine whether it is caused by improper use of the owner.

1. Brake pad

The replacement cycle is about 30,000 kilometers!

Brake pad of the relationship between the safety of the car, must not be ignored. The front brake pad of the disc brake motorcycle is checked and replaced every 15 thousand kilometers, and the rear brake pad is replaced every 30 thousand kilometers. When riding, the brake is fierce, the brake pad is worn faster, and the front brake pad is changed about 10 thousand kilometers. Every 5000km check a brake pad, the new brake pad thickness is generally about 1cm, when the naked eye observation thickness has only left the original 1/3 thickness (about 0.3cm), ready to replace at any time. In addition, the brake disc is more wear-resistant than the brake pads. When the brake pads are replaced 2-3 times, the brake disc is replaced once.

2. Battery

Replacement cycle of 30,000 km or 2-3 years!

While the motorcycle is running, it is losing power and charging the battery at the same time. After flameout, the battery is equal to stop charging and discharge blindly, accelerating the loss of electrolyte gasification. Relying on battery power to keep your sound system running after a shutdown also adds to the burden. The original battery of the general new car can be used for more than 3 years. If it has been used for almost two years, we should pay attention to it.


3. Spark plug

The replacement cycle is 10,000-20,000 kilometers!

The spark plug will cause the car cold start difficult, when driving a sense of frustration, idle shake, engine acceleration performance decline, lack of power, increased fuel consumption. Nickel spark plugs have a service life of 10,000 to 20,000 km and platinum/iridium spark plugs have a service life of 30,000 to 50,000 km. If the owner bought spark plug, they can also clean and maintain or replace the spark plug.

4, tire

Replacement cycle of 30,000-40,000km!

The tire is the most easy part of all parts to wear out, contact with the ground, it is easy to accident. Especially when running high speed or mountain road, there are great safety risks. General replacement cycle is 30 thousand to 40 thousand kilometers, when the tread has reached the wear indicator mark, you need to replace in advance. When driving at ordinary times, try to go smooth road to extend the life of tires.

5. Transmission belt and tooth disc chain

Replace cycle belt 50,000km or 4 years, tooth disc chain 20,000km for 2 years!

Because the drive belt is a continuously variable transmission, the impact force is relatively small, so the replacement cycle is extended. Because the tooth disc chain is used for the gear car, the impact and wear are relatively large, so the replacement cycle should be shortened.

6, oil, gear oil

Replacement depends on the quality of the oil is mineral oil or synthetic oil, mineral oil about 3000 km to be replaced once, fully synthetic oil 5000 km to be replaced once. Gasoline filter, the external hanging steam filter replacement cycle is 10,000-20,000 kilometers, the oil pump is recommended to replace 60,000 kilometers.

Gear oil is replaced every 5000 km.

7. Air filter element

Replacement cycle of one year!

The time to replace the air filter mainly depends on the external environment. In general, the maintenance cycle of the air filter is 10,000 kilometers or about once a year. In the case of more serious haze, the car is best replaced once in half a year or 70,000 kilometers.

8. Brake fluid

Replacement cycle of 50,000km or 2 years!

Expired brake fluid will produce emulsification deterioration, resulting in a decline in braking efficiency or even failure. It is wrong to think that the brake fluid is not black and the brake is not soft, so there is no need to replace. According to the climate, environmental conditions, seasonal changes and working conditions, timely check the quality and performance of the brake fluid. Usually, the brake fluid should be replaced after two years or 50,000 kilometers, and it should be clear whether it is DOT4 or DOT3 when replacing.