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How to choose the right motorcycle?
Release date:2021.03.03

If it is just a city to commute, then the girl type must be suitable for you, go shopping, and clingy, can not move the carrying is not tired. Hey, let's talk about cars! Small, nimble pedals are the little girl of the motorcycle world; If you like stimulation, dare to challenge, needless to say, must choose the royal sister, the appearance of the royal sister need not talk about, a look to kill will know that it is difficult to control, but you will have a sense of achievement, imitation competition enough royal?

Determine your car budget

Is the first one that makes you feel so excited that you wish every type of wife could have one and no bride price could be considered when you marry a wife? The bride price of the wife of each origin is different, five or six thousand, fifty or sixty thousand, and then five or six hundred thousand, the quality gap of the wife can be big. So what kind of wife to marry depends on how much bride price is prepared. In addition, the bride price alone is not enough, the wife married home but to support it. So, to get back to the point, when you buy a car, you can't just prepare a budget for the purchase of the vehicle, this budget also takes into account the cost of equipment and subsequent car costs. Equipment from the entry to the top, the price is different, you can see their budget to buy, must not be less. Subsequent car use costs vary from car to car. In most cases, the higher the price of the car, the higher the subsequent car use costs.

Face Your Body

Did you really think I was sharing my search for a wife with you when I saw the physical condition? Wake up and smell the coffee! I'm a woman! A serious female editor! Share novice car buying experience! How do you teach you to find a wife? ! Of course, looking for a wife needs more physical conditions... Hey, come back, come back, talk about cars. Why do beginners need to face up to the physical conditions when buying a car? Different heights, weights, leg length and strength are limited, they will consider the problem of sitting high and car weight, and most beginners are also so.

If you are 180cm tall, buy a 770mm high car, the picture can be imagined, yes, it is you riding the dog. If you are 160cm tall, choose an 865mm, the picture can also be imagined, yes, it is you who start to ride the 28th bar.


Select suitable displacement

Is the novice choice motorcycle budget enough to buy large displacement? Be good, be sure to control your restless heart. Beginners should start with small and medium displacement. It is recommended to start with CC. This displacement level will not be too grumpy, it is basically enough for daily cycling, and it will be faster to get started.

We are all beginners step by step, and our engine capacity is also rising step by step. We have been riding for nearly 4 years and experienced many bikes, but we still ride Yamaha R15. Why haven't we changed to a bigger engine capacity? Xiao Bian's point of view is: daily enough, flexible control, another very key point is my physical condition and driving skills, enjoy the fun of driving the car. I think we should ride our bikes instead of letting them take us. No matter how handsome the car is, it is only the car that is handsome. Improving driving skills is the key. Safe and steady car practice, improve driving technology, and then go to the pursuit of handsome is not the car handsome people also handsome? So novice friends must not blindly pursue emissions.

Focus on security configuration

For beginners, in the case of budget is enough, of course, the higher the better configuration, some configuration in our operation error or other special circumstances can play a life-saving role, so under the premise of permitting conditions, try to choose a higher safety configuration model. One of the things we have to say is ABS. Simply put, the function of ABS is to prevent the wheel from being locked, so that the vehicle will not cause danger due to the wheel being locked when braking vigorously, so as to improve the safety of driving. In some emergencies, ABS may be your lifeline. The national quality inspection center also attaches great importance to this safety configuration, so now ABS is more and more popular, and many 150 cars are equipped with it at present.

Speaking of ABS, one may ask, is it possible for a vehicle equipped with ABS to drive freely on the highway without worrying about braking problems? The answer is no! Safe driving is a driver should have basic skills and awareness, ABS is anti-lock braking system, not anti-death system, so after buying a car, please be sure to have awe of the road, civilized riding, safe driving.