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Price rise wave reappears, March motorcycle really want to rise?
Release date:2021.03.03

Spring Festival just passed, all kinds of raw material price surge again.

The bulk raw materials needed to make the entire motorcycle are up across the board, with copper up 38%, plastic up 35%, aluminum up 37%, iron up 30%, glass up 30%, zinc alloy up 48% and stainless steel up 45%.

The number of companies involved in this round of price increases, the length of time, the increase is larger than many people may have expected. At present, upstream supporting enterprises have issued a new round of price notice.

1. Tire prices rise sharply

Raw material prices have risen sharply resulting in rising tire manufacturing costs, major tire enterprises have issued a notice, is expected to start in March, all tire prices rose, up to 2%-6%.

2. Steel prices rose sharply

Just a few days after the Spring Festival holiday, the steel market has been rising. Analysts believe that the rise in steel prices is mainly driven by costs. At present, the prices of iron ore, coal, coke and scrap steel, which are the raw fuel materials for steel production, are at high levels and are still in a rising trend. The rise in steel prices will directly push up the cost of motorcycle manufacturing.

3. Increased electronic components

Similarly, the electronic components industry is not peaceful, chips, circuit boards, wires, capacitors, resistors and other electronic components have all risen in price.

From the upstream "rising tide" pressure, transmitted to the downstream, are forcing motorcycle enterprises have to adjust prices. According to the current trend, in March motorcycle prices have become a foregone conclusion, so now stock will only appreciate rather than depreciate.