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Does engine oil have a life?
Release date:2021.03.03

The oil aging

The aging of lubricating oil mainly refers to the loss and decrease of the viscosity of lubricating oil, which is caused by the long service time of lubricating oil, high temperature and emulsification

Oil in the engine of high temperature and high pressure for a long time, it will continue to mix with harmful substances, over a long time will produce chemical changes, make the oil thin, dirty, sludge

1. The carbon deposit, water and carbon monoxide produced by gasoline combustion will have chemical changes with the oil, leading to the aging of the oil

2, impurities and dust are the main cause of cylinder and the whole engine wear, and wear will produce a large number of metal chips. These things mixed with the oil gradually oxidation, will make the oil deterioration and aging

3. If the piston ring is damaged, the air filter or choke fails, the gasoline will flow into the crankcase to make the oil concentration even thinner. Once the oil becomes thin, its lubrication function will be reduced, thus causing parts to wear


Oil aging identification

Oil droplets check

Take a piece of clean white paper, unscrew the oil ruler, drop on the white paper, after careful observation, the general oil drop on the white paper will behave in the following way

1. If the oil drops are yellow and transparent, it indicates that the quality of the lubricating oil is good and can be used normally

2. If the ink drops in the oil drop are large and black, it indicates that the lubricating oil has aged and should be replaced immediately

3. If there are more ink drops in the middle of the oil drops and there are more carbon particles in the ink drops, it means that the lubricating oil has begun to age and can be used as appropriate

4. If there are tiny ink drops in the middle of the oil drops and the color of the ink drops is light, but the color is yellow and bright all around, it means that the lubricating oil can be continued to be used

Hand grind check

Take a little lubricating oil inside the car, with your fingers repeatedly twisting, such as feeling obvious impurities or viscosity is too poor (novice viscosity is not too sensitive, can be compared with new lubricating oil), you should replace the lubricating oil

The dumping of check

Take a little lubricating oil inside the car, put it in a clean container and pour it slowly into the lubricating oil filling mouth. Observe the flow of lubricating oil while pouring. If the oil flow is long and thin, even and shiny, it shows that there are no impurities and moisture in the lubricating oil, it can be continued to be used. If the oil flow is intermittent, uneven thickness, and the oil flow is black, the lubricating oil should be replaced