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What are the standards for a good motorcycle?
Release date:2021.03.18

Older drivers tend to say, I ran somewhere, and then this car didn't leave me on the road, is this a good car? In my opinion, this should be the basic quality of a qualified car, but in the current domestic environment, it will become a good quality stone hammer!

Some people say that a car with good quality means that the power number is higher than that of the same class, the weight is lighter than that of the same class, and the torque is larger than that of the same class. Would you tell me that the quality of such a performance car is not good?

For beginners, good quality is a variety of nameplates added to the body, Dr. ABS, Brembo calipers, Orlins KYB shock absorbers, blah, blah, blah, as if you stick these brands together and then stack the way to build a car, is a good car?

This has always been the way we judge a car in terms of data, brand, and time. It's just that we're too young to ask for anything


In my opinion, not putting you on the road is his pass line, not having a quality failure that is the duty of a vehicle

And then, we have to according to the models use scenario, the limit capacity, comfortable degree, durability, through sex, reliability, credibility, resale value, etc to the rational determination of a car is a good car, never see the other people take a daily shopping scooter to show you a piece of hundreds of kilometers speeds up, just think this car is good, completely dislocation usage scenarios and misleading, also don't because of a car's official mark of the second day of the second performance indicators, they think it is a nice car, and the point he squeezed the power, who will, but he never think about, you buy the car is going to go back two years later!

A good quality car, must have oneself most original shape, with real usage scenarios and the crowd positioning, and then, according to these scenarios and positioning in the dynamic reliability, safety, comfort, appearance, and so on various aspects made most efforts to balance, and then after a long period of adjustment, on the engine output, frame rigidity, posture, hanging on the set-up of as much as possible and you use scene joint degree is the highest

This era of eye-catching will be, but it is not easy to do a good car! Some brands can persist for decades to do a good job of a car, some brands often have to start from the eyeball to do the original accumulation, so when judging a car is not a good quality car, you do not follow the trend must have their own cognition is good!