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Who's a biker?
Release date:2021.03.18

The name "comrade" is just like the older generation calling strangers "comrade". If you say "comrade", you are in the same battle line, and "comrade", the exclusive term between motorcyclists, also has the same effect between bike friends

When we say so and so car friend, the heart is a variety of emotions in the inside

Car friends are the most simple mutual recognition and respect

Although small, but a motorcycle group also is not just as simple pursuit of freedom, more people also have a lot of unwritten "rules", as a cyclist courtesy, ride a bike on the road encounter "similar" shu thumb/click on the speaker/point size, say hello this is more and more people are doing, the polite greeting, is to give a new "cool", the most direct recognition and respect.


The car friend is, encounters another special case to go alone oneself

Even introverted one again, ride a bike on the road, ride a motorcycle's brother, are more or less impulse to communicate with one another, whether it is love in the car, or on cyclists curious, so different from ordinary stranger indifference, cyclists between natural comes with wifi, because the man whom you see, as if you know the maverick himself

Car friends are, know how to measure, love your car love yourself

We all meet and get to know each other because of the common mutual interest. We will also try our best to maintain the simple happiness between each other, not blindly rely on each other, not excessive consumption, and know the importance of safety. We also hope everyone around us can love cars and, more importantly, cherish ourselves!