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Triumph of 180 electric "frog"
Release date:2021.03.25

Back in May 2019, Triumph first announced to the world that it was working on a mysterious TE-1 electric motorcycle project. For the past two years, anyone interested in cars and motorcycles can see that companies are moving in the direction of new energy

On March 23, 2021, Triumph released an update on the progress of the electric motorcycle TE-1 on YouTube. The TE-1 looks like the electric twin of the Speed Triple in concept art

The battery design is more with a wider range of electric platforms in mind, according to Triomphe, which envisions a long-term goal rather than being limited to the first electric motorcycle design, TE-1 aims to pioneer a new way of thinking about motorcycles


In addition to the concept of the TE-1, Triumph is also showing off some of the most important core components of the electric car, such as the motor and battery. According to previous reports, these components will be developed internally and collaborated with external manufacturers

As far as we know, the motor weighs only 10 kilograms and produces 180hp. According to the latest information from Triomphe, the TE-1 will next enter the complete vehicle construction phase and will be designed in the style of a sports streetcar as well as the design drawings. If all goes according to plan, we should see a prototype design by the end of 2021