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"Pull" model of simple demand!
Release date:2021.03.25

In recent years, the domestic pull car is more fire, each manufacturer almost gave their own pull car, of course, "pull" a lot of people not enough to identify with this view, should call exploration model is more appropriate, but this is not important

Today I want to from the ordinary car needs of the positioning, three points: stable quality, comfortable and not tired, through a slightly higher sex


In the three requirements above, the first and second demand is the basic, bought a pull model, is want to travel long distances, stable and reliable quality is the foundation of the most simple requirements, at the same time as a multifunctional models, can run long distance, then pick up a comfort level, posture, hanging, wind resistance protection, battery life, etc. These will consider more

Third needs to take into consideration the configuration, because first of all buy pull models of many also do not have the ability to cross country and they are more need to have such a possibility, went out riding that temperament is not lost ~ second motorized brigade out broken roads and highways usually not too high, the proportion of the demand for one of those rare lower comfort and aesthetic feeling, increase the "wild" is not a wise choice, occasional broken roads can calmly with respect to OK

In personal opinion, so choose a "pull" car, according to their actual capacity and demand to decide, if you have a cross-country foundation, and hope to be a little wild, so lightweight, high through sex, choose a bit more hardcore models, if you are the owner, ordinary hopes to go to the tour, go the distance, riding not tired, power occasionally symbolic down mud, abundant, then choose quality is stable, higher comfort to slant a bit highway vehicles, according to their own actual situation to choose good, the real wild is riding a streetcar can ride out the temperament of cross-country, that depends on technology, not just the car itself!