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How to maintain the motorcycle to use long life?
Release date:2021.03.25

Now is the country four electric jet motorcycle, a new motorcycle, how to use, to ensure that the motorcycle control convenient, good use of low fault? From the maintenance experience, the more problems caused by motorcycles, the more reasons, mainly caused by improper use of early wear and tear. As ordinary user, can draw lessons from the following a few respects to use experience.

First, the impact of the run-in period

Motorcycle engine, although in the factory before a test running-in, but because the manufacturer running-in time is short, and the main purpose of running-in is to check the assembly quality of each part of the parts, therefore, the work of the adjustment mechanism is carried out in the no-load, low speed. In this way, with the geometrical shape of the surface of the accessory parts, there must be micro and macro errors. In addition to the error on the assembly, the contact area between the matching pair is reduced, and can not bear the design load, so the new car must be run in according to the provisions.

Now the motorcycle due to the improvement of the production process, running-in is not a very important stage, but because of the above reasons, the necessary running-in or need.

The running-in period of the motorcycle is generally 1500km. At the same time, it is required to limit the load and speed, choose the right road, and maintain it in time according to the instructions. If the running-in of the new car is deliberately ignored and the maintenance project is not implemented in accordance with the provisions, it is bound to cause the parts to cooperate with the surface to work under overload, and it is easy to appear overheating, abrasion and welding and other phenomena, resulting in engine damage.

Second, the impact of fuel quality

The size of the engine cylinder compression ratio determines the level of the gasoline label available, especially the engine with large displacement should be strictly used according to the manufacturer's requirements of the gasoline label. And try to fill up with high quality fuel at large gas stations.

For motorcycle, often do not use when parking time is too long, should be used again, replace the petrol tank, volatile oil, because of the high gasoline is in the fuel supply line stop time is too long, can cause gum deposit, plug line, at the same time after volatilization of gasoline can lead to line too much moisture, cause problems start.

If your car has been put over the winter, and you want to use it but find it difficult to start, give priority to a full fuel replacement.


Three, the influence of lubricating oil quality

The quality of lubricating oil is mainly characterized by its viscosity, fluidity and antioxidant properties. If you do not choose the lubricating oil according to the provisions, it will affect the work and service life of the engine.

In recent years, there are many kinds of lubricating oil on the market. Some people are superstitious about imported lubricating oil and blindly pursue the price. They think that the high price is good quality. In fact, the more famous brand oil, the more fake products, so instead of the pursuit of brand, it is better to pursue reliable supply channels to ensure authenticity.

Some cyclists like mixing two or more different qualities of lubricating oil use, particularly the last remaining, think to throw away, alas, is mixed with the next time the oil of different brand, instead it will happen after mixing reaction sediment or other harmful substances, destroyed the original lubricating oil role (lubrication, cleaning, seal, cooling).

Lubricating oil from the factory to the hands of users, if the storage, storage is not appropriate, will occur deterioration. So we must carefully check when buying, in order to meet the needs of engine lubrication.

The influence of cold start and engine temperature on service life

A large number of data show that about 50% of the engine cylinder wear occurs during the starting process, and if it is in cold areas, the starting wear can rise to about 70%.

Because the car friends do not understand this knowledge, do not preheat, frequent start, there is no oil film formed in the cylinder, no atomized gasoline into the cylinder, further destroy the lubrication, movement resistance increases, parts approximately dry friction, heat loss increases, the effective utilization rate of heat energy decreases, engine power decreases, fuel consumption increases.

If the temperature is too high, the engine intake and inflation coefficient decline, not only affect the power increase, but also make the lubricating oil dilute, cause knock, destroy the stiffness and strength of the parts, resulting in excessive engine wear.

Five, the influence of assembly technology in maintenance

Timely maintenance of the vehicle is the key to keep the vehicle in good technical condition and improve the utilization rate of the vehicle.

In the process of vehicle maintenance, it is necessary to achieve scientific assembly, that is, the correctness, rationality and precision of assembly. If the lack of knowledge in this respect, by feeling, there will often be missing and wrong assembly, destroy the original fit clearance and dynamic balance, thus accelerating wear and tear, and appear undue noise.

At the same time, in the assembly, the parts must be cleaned and the assembly quality must be guaranteed to avoid impurities entering the cylinder and accelerate the wear of the cylinder.

Six, the influence of the operation and use of car friends

Correct use of motorcycles and riders' good control skills are the necessary conditions to improve the vehicle's technical condition and prolong the service life of the vehicle.

In the process of using motorcycle, the running condition is complex, and the working state of the engine is also changing. When the cold car starts, it should be preheated properly, and large throttle and high speed are prohibited. In normal driving, try to avoid low gear high speed, high gear low speed driving, do not overload, overspeed, to maintain the engine temperature is normal, so as to avoid overheating.

If it is a carburetor motorcycle, you should choose a good refitted digital igniter. This igniter is generally loaded with a program inside, which will control the ignition advance Angle more precisely to ensure more adequate combustion.