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Why are there fewer people in the motorcycle repair industry?
Release date:2021.03.25

The number of people in an industry is mainly affected by two factors: one is the threshold of the industry, and the other is the income level of the industry. Do the line for motorcycle maintenance of this industry, people have less and less, even if it is in support, some do not very fine, only to deal with some simple repair and maintenance, for some involves the engine maintenance and dismantling technology is relatively less, so why motorcycle maintenance industry and refinement of the motorcycle people so little?

We will analyze from the above mentioned two factors, the first is the threshold. In fact, the threshold of motorcycle maintenance is not high, if it is just to do some simple processing, as long as the apprentice for a period of time, the brain is not stupid hands can, can open a motorcycle repair shop; But with the implementation of the four emissions, motorcycle efi, all lead to motorcycle maintenance threshold, and motorcycle hardware assembly level is getting better and better, it is not easy to fail, and the circuit system is often some weaknesses, maintainer and motorcycle brand after elimination, at present the popular brand accessories market in general is not common, so, or to build a brand specialty store, the threshold is very high, or gas tire repair in the chain, which is laborious and not live to make money.

What about the revenue level of the industry? As far as I know, it's not very good.

Motorcycle maintenance, if it is a general small displacement motorcycle, many times are to earn a bit of money parts, wages are basically confiscated. And now the price of accessories online can be checked, also can be bought, so relatively speaking, it is more and more difficult to make money by accessories. Because of the popularity of electric cars, a lot of repair shop to make the electric car maintenance, simple motorcycle repair plus electric vehicle repair basic can make a living, but because these are the low technical content of the maintenance, price wars and high price transparency, it is easy to cause the guy income is affected, so the practitioner of this type of repair shops are aging, some simply leave, some also just received.


There is a big environment influence, now more and more walking motorcycle was eliminated in 125 and 150, now replaced by a lot of domestic and imported large trade of large displacement motorcycle, this kind of motorcycle maintenance is need manufacturers concentrated training technicians, didn't know how to repair, for this kind of guy who participated in the manufacturer's training, are generally in the big trade store after work, rarely have come out to fly alone.

Even if they come out to do their own repair shops, the number is relatively small. Because of the replacement and progress of technology, the repair men who used to repair 125 and 150 motorcycles are not very good at repairing when they come into contact with large-displacement locomotives. Even those who learned to repair them are also in the minority.

Therefore, this leads to the number of practitioners in the motorcycle maintenance industry is becoming less and less. In summary, some of the older generation of maintenance masters can not keep up with the rhythm of the current motorcycle and the new replacement, and eliminate some of them. There is also a part of the more exquisite technology, or into the big trade car after-sales work, or opened their own stores, but the number is sharply reduced, slowly to the direction of the lean.