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Why is the maintenance fee of electric spray motorcycle more expensive than that of carburetor motorcycle?
Release date:2021.04.01

With the implementation of the country's four emission standards, we use the motorcycle has started full electric injection, although the electric injection motorcycle emissions are cleaner, more fuel-efficient, less probability of failure, but with the increase of the use of time, plus the merits of the quality of the reasons, the phenomenon of electric injection motorcycle fault will be more and more. When the owners to repair the electric motorcycle, found that many repair shops are not dare to start, mostly let the owners to find the 4S shop, and many electric owners found that the electric motorcycle repair fee than the original carburetor car repair fee is much more expensive, what is the cost is high, or the repair master charged expensive?

First, the difficulty of maintenance. The structure of the electric injection system is relatively complex, which, to a certain extent, will increase the difficulty for maintenance personnel to make judgments on the whole system, so additional time costs will be paid.

Second, maintenance cost, maintenance of electric jet motorcycle needs a special decoder, if there is no decoder you can not start, and a set of decoder cost is relatively expensive, this cost will be passed on to the user indirectly.

Three, parts are expensive, although the electric injection model said that the stability is relatively high, but once the failure, many components are integrated, and the integrated electronic components are usually more expensive.

Four, maintenance skills, efi vehicles at the present stage for the ageing of motorcycle maintenance master, it's still a new thing, a lot of maintenance repair shop does not have the skills of efi vehicles, only some small amount of after-sales service points have the skill, these skills are also a motorcycle mechanic through my study hard, training teacher would put maintenance cost, learning is certainly would be passed on to consumers.

To sum up, some of the high cost of efi motorcycle maintenance by cost and market is the cause of the result of the dual function, and is not about an individual or organization can, however, can bring us the efi motorcycle fuel consumption decreased, benefits such as start easily, use for a long time will be offset part of the maintenance cost, and can bring benefits to the environment. Of course, in the purchase of electric injection motorcycle, in order to reduce trouble, to try to choose the brand of reliable quality, especially the electric injection system, must be reliable quality, and in the late use must also be reasonable maintenance and maintenance, so that you can reduce the probability of electric injection model failure, not because of the maintenance cost to regret.