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Repair the car 10 years, these four kinds of car resolutely not repair!!
Release date:2021.04.08

Repair this line, the real sale is technology, maintenance master heart bitter, the following customers do not connect worth mentioning!

01Customers who owe money on credit do not repair!

The first time to ask you for credit will be embarrassed to discuss with you, the second, third time on the random very, the trailer left, did not look back. Want money to push again, back still say you dig!

02Bad attitude and arrogance of not repair!

"That's all, isn't it... Charges, what a dark shop!" We'd rather not come to such a client. We are not obligated to repair your car for nothing. It is only natural that you should pay for it.


03Bring your own accessories do not repair!

"I took what I bought... Go, you can install my own accessories, just want to save money, they will not change, want us to change, but also not willing to pay the hourly cost, we also have the cost of rent, meet such customers, they are advised to go elsewhere.

04And Taobao price comparison does not repair!

Judge the fault, tell the customer to change, some people but take out the mobile phone Taobao: a controller wholesale or Taobao only sold forty or fifty dollars, you here installed a hundred and eighty fast money, you are too black?

You can buy it online, can you fake it? We also need to detect faults before you install them, debug them after installation, and guarantee them for free.