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Car review: Kawasaki Versys 650
Release date:2021.04.08


The Versys650 is most memorable for its thick, tall and powerful shape. Kawasaki has never lacked inspiration in vehicle design. For this car, the overall shape creates a thick, strong and full feeling

The face before stretching out to the outside, cooperate the double headlamp of rhomboid, have aggressive feeling very much. The tank is actually very thin, but the plastic cover on both sides makes the front look very wide and thick extending to the tank. At the same time, the cover on both sides can also play a certain role in protecting the rider's wind resistance

For such a big man, Kawasaki's two-cylinder 650 engine is relatively thin, so VERSYS still uses a lot of coverings, as far as possible to keep out the visual position, as well as the messy internal lines, so from the side, the engine part is neat, simple and full

We can see from the color scheme that the designer of this car does not want to highlight the power unit, the engine, the frame, the shock absorber and the rear rocker arm, all of which are made in black. Only a few parts of the car with plastic cover parts will be changed according to different designs and colors

The brawny main frame, after shock absorber and after rocker arm, also tell us at the moment this goods is not just appearance bluffing person just, but the modelling of this exhaust and position, will pull us back again, this goods is not a let you too unruly ADV, in the final analysis again strong he is still the base of streetcar


As a multi-functional entry adventure model, stability, endurance, and comfort are a lot of considerations, so this car is equipped with a large fuel tank of 21 liters; The front shock absorber is adjustable for pre-load rebound, although the trip is not very long, but in this car, running non-paved road, can be fully competent

The sitting posture of the vehicle will be more comfortable for long-distance riding. The center of gravity of the vehicle will be concentrated on the pedal position when riding. The front and rear seats are wide and comfortable, which will provide good support for long-distance riding and also relieve fatigue

840mm sitting high, will indeed give some people a lot of pressure, but after sitting up the reasonable distribution of center of gravity will add a lot of points. The wide windshield three gears can be adjusted, in the normal riding posture, can just let the wind not blow to the rider's body

The engine, compared to the Ninja 650 and Z 650, has a larger throttle size for low torsion output, which is in line with the Vulcan, but differs from the others in the number of teeth in the primary transmission. Should be multifunctional demand, the gear strength has a higher requirement. With these minor changes, the engine on the Beast achieves a maximum power of 48kW /8000rpm and maximum torque of 61Nm/7000rpm

Compared to the Z650, the Versys has slightly increased the camber Angle by one degree, and the drag distance is almost the same, only 2mm less. The steering Angle is the same, but the vehicle length is 2,165mm, which is a full 10cm longer than the Z650, and the wheelbase difference is only 5mm

With the same engine, the same wheelbase and the same ground clearance, the whole vehicle's gear-weight is about 30kg heavier than that of the Z650 to 216kg. Where does this weight come from? From the previous analysis, as the positioning of multi-functional vehicles, the requirements for stability and strength of the vehicles will be different, so the most important weight changes come from the frame and suspension, because the endurance and rigidity of the vehicles are very important for the models that can run long distances

In terms of ground clearance, the passability of this vehicle is not much different from that of the Z650, but the longer and more robust front shock absorbers provide better comfort on non-paved roads, while the lateral rear shock absorbers at high speeds and in harsh conditions provide protection for long distance attacks


Manipulation of the

We said this model engine calibration and Vulcan S basic consistent, are low torsion, and is equipped with dual throttle valve set, as we said before, when I speak little fire in the engine speed of more than 2000 r after all kinds of fun, but because the vehicle weight, sitting position is different, the same power unit on this Versys again there will be a new experience

If the Vulcan's drive is a cruising attitude, the drive on the Versys is more like the energy and confidence that will take you on a long journey. In closed road testing, the first gear was 70km/h, the second gear 100km/h, the third gear 130km/h, and the fourth gear about 160km/h, so the car had enough power for both speed and daily use

In terms of vibration, the vibration is obvious when the speed reaches 5000 RPM, but when the speed is increased a bit, the coarse-grained power makes you temporarily ignore the interference of vibration. The bike is designed to be a comfortable ride at between 3,000 and 5,000 RPM, with the right amount of power allocated, and if you want to squeeze it a little more aggressively, then 5,000 to 10,000 RPM will give you plenty of room

The former shock absorber is soft and comfortable. The filter effect of the shock absorber is obvious when the speed bump is passed quickly. At the same time, the pre-load of the shock absorber is adjustable, and the support can be adjusted according to the riding habits. The front brake effect is obvious, the strength is slightly larger will have an obvious nod effect, the rear brake in the movement of the adjustment effect is very good

ABS intervened in a timely manner. It specifically tested the situation of fast gear downshift without oil replenishing, and the rear wheel was locked, but it would be corrected soon and the safety would be improved. Due to the compact and rigid suspension, especially the rear shock absorber and rocker arm, the vehicle tracks well on the ride and is commendable for its comfort. Because the rear tires are rounder, the center of gravity of the vehicle is higher than that of a regular sports car, and the car can easily hit its tyre limit when running in hills and corners

Think of Versys650, most of us can think of two models, one is their own X300, another is next door DL650, but from vehicle exhaust, clearance from the ground, shock absorbers configuration, and so on ways, Versys650 and X300 isn't as brothers, only some large displacement, and DL650 wild also is not the same, even more comfortable and some urban functions, but it never virtual goods in shape

Kawasaki made out of is a partial to the long-distance travel of the street car, you want to ride it over a pit on the steps, will also serve you comfortable, but his positioning is obviously not to the direction of the extreme pull up hard, although can deal with the general bad road, but to road based long-distance travel car

As for the five years since it entered China, there has been no major modification, only some changes in the color scheme and surrounding accessories. Although it is a good car, it is not the star car sold in Kawasaki, and its domestic ownership is limited, so the impetus to promote the modification is not very great. Secondly, Kawasaki does not want to have too much imagination for the positioning of this car, because according to the positioning of the X300, it should be a Wilder and lighter X650 to reignite the market, which, if it comes out, will be more lethal in this displacement level