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Focusing on the motorcycle industry, enabling the development of Chinese motorcycle culture
Release date:2021.04.08

Co-sponsored by China Chamber of Commerce of Motorcycles, China Federation of Automobile and Motorcycle Sports and China International Exhibition Center Group Corporation (CIEC), the Beijing International Motorcycle Exhibition 2021 will be held at China International Exhibition Center (New Hall) in Beijing from May 28 to 30, 2021. It is expected that 300 well-known enterprises at home and abroad will participate in the exhibition, with an indoor exhibition area of 50,000 square meters and an outdoor interactive exhibition area of 30,000 square meters. The exhibition has obtained the support of the superior resources of the organizers in the motorcycle industry, motorcycle sport and exhibition field. This exhibition will integrate traditional motorcycles, new energy motorcycles, cycling equipment, advanced parts and components with motorcycle sports and cycling lifestyle communication. It will be exhibited offline and online simultaneously

2021 Beijing international motorcycle exhibition will become epidemic in China has been fully control, after, the motorcycle industry group and the mainstream domestic and international enterprises to promote the domestic consumption market booming prosperity and make the internationalization of the important marketing activities, high-end, authority and display new products and new technology industry and the future development trend of the big stage.

1. High-end activities in China's motorcycle industry help "expand circle" and "expand layer"

The theme of the Beijing Motorcycle Exhibition in 2021 will be "Meet Circles", with the goal of opening up key links, eliminating business boundaries, expanding motorcycle development levels and promoting the progress of the whole industry. In the collection of motorcycle and related products display, but also invited motorcycle as the carrier and link of the event, training, clubs, fashion clothing, tourism and activities and other related enterprises to participate in the exhibition. In order to meet the needs of industry communication, the exhibition is designated as "Media and Professional Audience Day". It plans to invite motorcycle industry media, mainstream media, fashion and lifestyle media and professional visitors themed by manufacturers, distributors and retailers to interact and communicate with exhibitors on the spot. During the same period of the exhibition, there will also be a number of high-end industry forums, seminars and other activities to discuss the hot topics of the industry and the future development trend of the industry, so as to break through the development circle of enterprises in the industry.

2. 300 brand enterprises gather to promote industrial consumption upgrading

The Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee proposed to speed up the construction of a new pattern of development with the domestic cycle as the main body and the domestic and international double cycles mutually reinforcing. In planning the start of the implementation of "difference", the Beijing international exhibition of motorcycle will be to strengthen the basic role of consumption to economic development, comprehensively promote consumption, promote traditional consumption, foster new consumption for policy guidance, give full play to the exhibition platform, three-dimensional show motorcycle industry products and services, meet the multi-level and diverse market demand, promote the industry technology innovation and sustainable development.

Under the background of a number of favorable policies, the exhibition has received positive responses from enterprises in the industry. The total reservation area, the number of brand enterprises and the number of exhibits of the exhibition have been nearly three times increased. Including BMW, Honda, yamaha, Indian, British triumph, ducati, kawasaki, boehner, Augusta, piaggio, KTMR2R international famous brands, such as car companies, as well as the spring breeze, qianjiang, zongshen, guang Yang, sun, kelon, the spirit, east move, magnified, bucket wind, harvest, important domestic motorcycle enterprises have been confirmed, all exhibitors exhibition scale compared with the previous exhibition also increased significantly. With Michelin, maggie, bridgestone, pirelli, MITAS, are new, fujimori, good chi, gates, ansel, force the transmission, meaning represented by the silver parts enterprises at home and abroad, and remit, KYT, collection of moab, hot wheels, nev, SENA, SHARK, GSB, OGK, SHAD, green cross-country, Insta360, motorcycle, such as lemon warranty cycling equipment and service enterprise also has confirmed the exhibition on display at the latest products and services.

3. Heavy models are released in a centralized manner, and exquisite products are displayed in a colorful way

In 2020, dozens of new models will be launched in the Chinese market, and the number and rhythm of brand new car releases will go up simultaneously, ushering in the development tide of Chinese motorcycle together. As the fastest growing market in the motorcycle industry, the China market in 2021 will continue this development trend. Major car brands at home and abroad have listed the Beijing International Motorcycle Exhibition 2021 as one of the most important market activities of the year. While displaying all series of models, they will focus on releasing blockbuster new cars. On the one hand, this shows the confidence of motorcycle enterprises to expand the Chinese market, and further enhances the influence of the exhibition in the industry.


4. Focusing on new energy, the new electric motorcycle was unveiled at the exhibition

With the official landing of the new national standard of electric vehicles in China, electric motorcycles rise suddenly and become the focus of market attention. Well-known motorcycle, electric vehicle manufacturing enterprises as well as diversified cross-border enterprises have introduced innovative and technology-leading electric motorcycles to the market. To comply with the development trend of this industry, the exhibition invited a number of electric motorcycle manufacturers to release and display the latest electric motorcycle models.

5. Synchronized online and offline exhibitions break the space-time limitation of the exhibition

In order to further meet the needs of the industry and the market, and expand the online display space, Beijing Motorcycle Exhibition 2021 has established a strategic partnership with JD Auto, and simultaneously launched the online exhibition of Beijing Motorcycle Exhibition 2021. Exhibitors will display their products and services online in audio, video and graphic forms and conduct real-time communication and interaction with online audience to promote product sales and brand promotion. In addition, the 2021 Beijing International Motorcycle Exhibition will be launched on platforms such as Douyin, WeChat, Weibo and Kuaishou to amplify the offline display effect through new high-tech means such as live video, graphic display, real-time interaction and precise matching. The exhibition will also work with Tmall, Jingdong and other well-known e-commerce platforms to jointly launch a number of preferential measures for the majority of motorcycle consumers.

6. Multi-level interaction enriches exhibition experience

In order to further enhance the viewing experience of the audience, the exhibition will cooperate with exhibitors and industrial institutions to jointly hold multi-level on-site interaction, integrating dynamic and static exhibition as a whole. Exhibiting enterprises will hold test drives, Kinkana and stunt performances of new models in outdoor venues, so that customers can know the vehicle and product performance dynamically in the first time. In order to meet the needs of the audience at the scene to understand the development of motorcycle culture, the organizer will also set up a classic motorcycle exhibition area, boutique modified motorcycle exhibition area, invited the industry masters to show the classic, enabling the development of Chinese motorcycle culture. Relying on the platform of China Motorcycle Club Alliance, the exhibition will invite well-known motorcycle clubs in China to present the club style and show the development trend of Chinese motorcycle club culture. In order to facilitate visitors to visit the exhibition site, in addition to setting up a dedicated motorcycle parking lot inside the exhibition site, the exhibition will also rent large parking facilities around the venue, so as to make the exhibition the most motorcycle-friendly large-scale public event.

According to the needs of epidemic prevention and control, the exhibition will adopt the real-name reservation system. Registration channels for media and professional viewers were opened in early April. Media and professional visitors can follow the "Beijing International Motorcycle Exhibition" WeChat official account, reply to the "media" or "professional visitors" and click on the relevant link to register. The special WeChat program for ordinary audiences to buy tickets will be officially opened in late April.

Beijing International Motorcycle Exhibition 2021 will once again become an international high-end professional platform for the efficient display, exchange and trade of the whole motorcycle industry, a stage for the promotion of motorcycle culture and the most anticipated annual important event of the whole industry.

In May, flowers bloom in Beijing! Spring is in the air! Meet a motorcycle in Beijing! To a grand meeting of the appointment!