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2021 New Benelli 302R released!
Release date:2021.04.15

The Benelli 302R sports car has recently been unveiled with a major makeover, including a more aggressive appearance, Euro5 engine emissions compliance, a TFT full-color LCD meter, and, most importantly, a 22kg reduction in the weight of the car, which was previously a problem. The overall weight of the vehicle came to a more acceptable 182kg

The exterior of the 2021 Benelli 302R is a significant change from the previous generation, with the overall headshade looking a lot different from the previous generation, becoming more modern and combat. The headlights have also been replaced with LEDs from the previous generation's halogen bulbs, and the headlight frame has been changed from large eyes to slender squints

The power component also maintains a 302cc double cylinder engine with a 270-degree crankshaft Angle that performs well on sound. Maximum power 26KW / 11000RPM, maximum torque 27NM / 9000RPM



In terms of equipment, the front suspension is equipped with a 41mm inverted fork with a preload adjustable rear-mounted single gun shock absorber. The brake is also equipped with the first four piston calipers and the second two piston calipers. The meter section is also upgraded to TFT full-color LCD meters this time

The most impressive part of the Benelli 302R redesign is the weight change. It has lost 22kg in one go to 182kg, which is definitely a sincere upgrade. Seat height 785mm, tank capacity 14L, tire specifications for the front 110/70 R17, rear 150/60 R17

A radical change from the inside out, it seems, will rid Benelli of the "fat head" moniker, and as a step towards Benelli's return to the international market, the new 302R is coming in a big way. The price of the old model is 26,800 yuan, I wonder whether the new model will maintain the original price. So the question is, if the same price, would you choose 350, or 302R?