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Honda Golden Wing steering assist system patent exposure
Release date:2021.04.15

With the progress of modern science and technology, the electric control system of motorcycles has gradually evolved from ABS and tracking control to active safety system. By the end of 2020 to the beginning of 2021, we have seen many car manufacturers introduce ACC active cruise function on their car models. Recently, Honda was found a patent map by foreign media. In the future, it may be possible to carry more advanced steering assistance system on the wing


From the recent exposure of more patent map view, the world's largest depot is actively developing active safety systems, such as BMW, ducati and KTM had beat running ACC function models into the market, and Honda, kawasaki, even Harley has patent registration, in addition to the ACC, may begin a new battlefield, It is undoubtedly the lane maintenance function of the steering assistance system

Lane maintenance has gradually become one of the main safety features in cars. In the past, many motorcycle manufacturers have demonstrated similar technology, such as Yamaha's Motobot and Motoroid, BMW's autonomous driving R 1200 GS, etc. These prototype test cars are actually equipped with steering assistance control system. Technology that allows vehicles to have unmanned and automatic control

Honda's patent also aims at similar functions. From the patent diagram, it can be seen that electronic steering damping, high torque controller and control server are added to the inside of the handbar to form the steering assistance system. In case of emergency, the steering assistance system can detect the steering through the IMU and the auxiliary judgment of the electronic control system. The high torsion controller is started by the control servo to operate the connecting rod to intervene the vehicle steering


In addition to helping control vehicles in emergency situations, this system can also be used as lane maintenance function during cruise. With the constant speed cruise of ACC active vehicle range control, the semi-automatic driving function close to Level 2 can be realized. For the Golden Wing, which is mainly engaged in long-distance travel, it is the most suitable and attractive equipment. In addition, the device can also act as an anti-throw head when the rider wants to enjoy the ride without the need for steering assistance


Based on the current patented design, it is not clear whether the steering assistance system will be available in the next Golden Wing redesign along with the ACC system, but it is expected that the combination of ACC and lane maintenance will definitely happen on these larger cruise models in the future!