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What are Honda's future plans?
Release date:2021.04.22

On April 19, 2021, Shanghai International Auto Show held, Honda Dreamwing with all the big trade models came to the scene, and released three blockbuster new cars: CB1000R, NSS750, CM1100. At the same time, Honda Wing also showed two models that are highly expected by domestic car fans: CB400X and CB400F

In this auto show, we also conducted a simple interview with Honda, hoping to let Honda owners and fans have a better understanding of the brand and future planning

Respondent: Mr. Tetsuya Kawahara, Director of Second Round Center of Honda Technical Research Industry (China) Investment Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch

Time: 10:10-10:45, April 19th

Venue: Honda motorcycle booth interview room

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1. The models released this time are all heavy weight models that have been expected for a long time, especially Honda Dreamwing, which is the top model in the series. Does it mean that Honda will pay more attention to the introduction of corporate upgraded models in the future strategy of Honda Dreamwing?

First of all, as a Honda Dreamwing large displacement sales channel, in the future will be based on global models, more expansion of the product lineup. We hope that by owning our large displacement motorcycles, customers can become Dreamwing users, which will bring them a touching experience and more pride. To this end, we are committed.

Secondly, we should not only invest in a lot of good high-end products, including the construction of sales stores, but also provide users with a better lifestyle experience, leading everyone's lifestyle. Excellent products and extraordinary experience are what we consider as a whole business.

2. At the Beijing International Auto Show last year, Honda released the new business strategy of Honda WING, and further enriched the medium displacement product line. What is your expectation for the performance of Honda medium displacement motorcycle market in 2021?

First of all, at the beginning of the year in March, Honda Wing sales store officially set sail, CM300, NSS350, CB300R three models of cars have been listed. At this auto show, CB400X and CB400F, Honda Wing's mid-displacement high-end models, were released. We hope to build the sales channel of Honda Wing into a channel worthy of customers' trust, and bring users more touching experience through this sales channel.

Secondly, while comprehensively upgrading the sales and service strength of the store, we will provide people with more lifestyle experience together with the products.

Then, the most important point is that many consumers of Honda Wing come into contact with motorcycles for the first time. Therefore, medium displacement distribution stores hope to tell users the safe way of riding through the popularization of safe driving.


3. First of all, we are very happy to see so many new cars launched today, and we can feel everyone's expectations for Honda. Could you please tell us how Honda plans the market positioning of Honda Wing and Honda DreamWing in the future domestic market, and how to divide and layout its future models?

First of all, Honda Dreamwing is a sales channel with large displacement and Honda Wing is a sales channel with medium displacement. Both of these two sales channels are based on providing FUN models for users to enjoy riding experience. Therefore, we have always been different from the small-displacement commuting car produced by the joint venture company in its positioning.

We hope to provide users with access to the world's top service and high-end products through Honda Dreamwing large-displacement sales channels. This is our goal, and we will feel more proud of Honda Dreamwing.

Compared with Honda Dreamwing, Honda Wing has a wider range of sales channels. We hope that such a broad, spread out sales channels to the user to bring touching, but also can obtain the highest trust of users.

It is hoped that through these two sales channels of Honda (Fun), we can establish a close and trusted relationship with users, bring more new lifestyle experience and have more happiness.

Finally, we have made sufficient preparations for the launch plan of new products, whether Honda Wing or Honda Dreamwing. Please look forward to it.

4. Honda has always attached great importance to safe driving and the training of safe driving technology. With the increasing number of domestic users, what plans does Honda have in the future to improve safe driving of users?

First of all, our greatest hope is that you can ride safely all the time. There are an increasing number of young users in China, and more and more users who have contact with motorcycles for the first time. In order to make users more comfortable and safe to enjoy motorcycle life, Honda Wing and Honda Dreamwing, two sales channels, each dealership store is actively carrying out safe driving training and cultivating store safety driving coaches. Committed to popularizing the knowledge of safe driving and improving driving skills.

In the dealership stores, the safety driving instructor will directly explain to the users the safe way of riding and how to reduce the occurrence of accidents. All these measures are aimed at directly communicating with the customers and instructing them on how to make things safer. This is what Honda will continue to strengthen in the future.

5. CM300 and NSS350 have performed very well in the market since their launch. Will the two 400 series models released this time be as popular in terms of pricing as CM300 and NSS350? The two cars compete with the Honda Dreamwing family, so is Honda worried about hurting sales of the imported 500 series? Will there be more models like the 400 series in the future?

First of all, the pricing of the 400 series is still under discussion. Although it has not been finalized, the CB400X is expected to be launched in early June, while the CB400F is expected to be launched in early July, and the price will be released at the same time.

To let you know in advance, all Honda Wing dealerships will officially begin to accept reservations for CB400X and CB400F on April 20th at 9am. The users who are interested in CB400X and CB400F hope to come to the store to make a reservation tomorrow.

As for the question of whether to compete with the Honda Dreamwing 500 series, first of all, we also think that there will be some users in the choice of time will have some trouble. But in the choice, the user exactly want to what kind of lifestyle, want to have the motorcycle to enjoy what kind of motorcycle life, how to ride, will make different choices based on this. If users want to ride from city streets to suburbs, the CB400F is a good choice; The CB400X is also the ideal companion for off-road biking and long-distance biking. Whichever you choose, you will never regret your decision.

As for the plan of 400 displacement models in the future, not only the current 400 series, but also 300 displacement and 400 displacement models will have input plans.

6. In terms of brand strategy, what are the main differences between the Chinese market and other countries' markets?

Whether it's in Europe or the United States, whether it's in Japan or China, we have the same brand strategy around the world. For large displacement users to bring proud brand value and touching cycling experience. Underneath this, they need to cultivate a trusting relationship with the outlet. At this point, the brand value and services offered to users are the same across the globe.

Another information I want to share with you is that China has become the third largest market (large engine) for Honda in the world due to the popularity of our large engine models. China is an important market for Honda. We want to be able to have a deeper communication with Chinese consumers, Chinese users, to be able to give them the car they want, or to plan ahead to bring the car they want to China.

7. Since its debut in Shanghai Auto Show in 2009, CB1000R has aroused great interest among Chinese car fans. What special features and places do you recommend for CB1000R?

First of all, CB1000R is the flagship model under the development concept of NEO Sports Cafe, and it has the most excellent performance in this series. The Neo Sports Cafe concept is neither a sporty model nor a Street Fighter model, so it's a very unique presence in the entire Streetcar franchise.

The design of appearance is an important feature of Neo Sports Cafe. For the new CB1000R, every detail is the painstakingly worked by the Japanese factory workers. So when we see the appearance and quality of this bike, we are very happy. When we ride it, we feel even happier. It is a great motorcycle. We are very confident in this car. You must have a chance to experience it later, if you ride it, you will feel the charm of this car and other cars are completely different.