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The Yamaha R1's top replacement
Release date:2021.04.22

Turning their small scooter into a public sports car is one of the most popular ways for many players in markets around the world. A group of Vietnamese motorcycle retrofit players used the Yamaha Exciter 150, a popular local model, as the base. In addition to the sharp appearance of the R1, but also for the shock absorption, exhaust and other comprehensive upgrades, the super finish makes people wonder how much this car cost to build.

At first glance, it is impossible to imagine that this is a Yamaha Exciter 150. Even though the structure of the curved beam car remains, the front fairing from the YZF-R1 and the two sides of the hull make no sense. From the front, it looks like a public upgrade copy

The rear of the car is similar to the Yamaha MotoGP factory car, with a sharp upturned rear line, which looks full of fighting power


The Yamaha Exciter 150 is not only a cosmetic modification, but also a large number of hardware upgrades. First of all, the front fork is equipped with the BMW S1000RR top-notch configuration, and both front and rear wheels also use 17-inch wheels. The rear is directly changed into the Ducati Panigale 899's rear rocker arm, Ohlins shock absorber and other full-level equipment, plus the ultra-wide rear wheels and Scorpio exhaust, showing an incomparable killing air

In fact, the world's players did not play too much gap, modified their car to the top car style, it seems that it is never tired of playing the way