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Sub-frame, instrument update! KTM 125/250 Duke spy photos revealed
Release date:2021.04.22

KTM in bringing 1290 Super DUKE RR, 890 DUKE two brand new Duke car series, recently also exposed for the Duke family's two small displacement models 125 DUKE and 250 DUKE spy photos, from the spy photos we can see that the two cars have got a lot of updates, Especially on the 250 DUKE model, the subplatform, rear suspension and instrumentation are all new

First of all, let's take a look at the little brother 125 DUKE in the family, this set to make the ultimate Fun Bike with high specifications, in the past has not lost the strong performance essence of the big brothers, coupled with the appearance design from the big brothers, equipped, become a small displacement Fun Bike car in the leader

125 DUKE from the spy shots of the exposure, major change in the frame part, especially in the main frame front end connection part of the engine can see more of a v-shaped pylon, the v-shaped pylon locking on the engine and the steel pipe frame directly, the main purpose should be to strengthen body rigidity, let 125 DUKE has better dynamic performance


Then there is the 250 DUKE with a large range of modification. It can be clearly found from the spy care that KTM has changed the steel tube sub-frame in the past and replaced it with the same composite sub-frame design as the 1290. In addition, a V-shaped hanger is also added in the front of the main frame to strengthen the body rigidity. The rear rocker arm and rear suspension have also been significantly updated with a more robust rear rocker arm design, and the rear shock absorber has been shifted from the center to the side

As for the equipment, headlights unfortunately still use the existing combination of one-piece lamps and halogen bulbs, instead of the same split LED insect face as the big brothers, but the instrument part 250 DUK is updated, not surprisingly the TFT full-color LCD used on the 390 series, rather than the current monochrome LCD

From the spy photos of KTM 125/250 DUKE, we can see that this year's model changes of the two little duks are quite sincere. Especially on the 250 DUKE, the whole frame, suspension and equipment have been changed a lot. I hope this KTM model can make up for the small shortcomings of the current model 250 DUKE