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CB400X is coming, who's in a hurry?
Release date:2021.04.22

It has long been rumoured that the CB400X will be in China's official car catalog, but the latest news is that it will make an appearance at the Shanghai Auto Show.

So who will be in a hurry when CB400X is released?

Honda Shimo Store, the previously hot selling 500X is estimated to become less fragrant because of the disruption of 400X, and its cousin to disrupt the market, it seems that it is hard to say anything about its own, even if it can be blood delivery in the future, but the 400X pull up the car model, it seems that Honda does not have a mature system to do some work in this piece of Shimo. A CRF1100 doesn't seem to be able to handle a few customers

Domestic car enterprises, the main 300-500CC pull car model of domestic businesses should also be worried, 500X by a variety of imitation at the same time, the high price of Daemo 500X, but also forced back a lot of dream but limited economic ability of car friends, so to the domestic range left a lot of space to work, in terms of performance, One is harder than a "mouth", but on the reasonable design and stability of the vehicle, as well as the original degree, may be a little "almost meaning", this Honda do as the Romans put the car to assemble in China, the price once broken, the other is not a problem! So this displacement around the pull model is estimated to be threatened, at least the profit is not as hard as before, part of the enterprise waiting to make money is estimated in the mind cool cool


Kawasaki's X300 has been sold for four years, but there was no competitor in this position before. KTM's 390 ADV has just come on the market and is still a "kid". These brands will undoubtedly be hit by the more relevant CB400X. Honda joint venture sales network camp, there are not a few domestic can fight too

Planting grass users, because in accordance with Honda's play, this car first put on the network, and everyone to meet, the market heat to a certain extent, is the melon ripe landing time, so those who are planting grass car friends must be very anxious, wait, the time is a little long, not wait, buy what also feel not gratified

Dealers urgent, see a good dish, cloud brewing for a long time, but many inquiries, a bunch of reservations, when can get the car, can get how many cars, monk meat less, fierce competition dealers, certainly will also be very urgent

Honda for market strategy, like Honda treat product strategy, restraint and insist, so the real power in the middle of the market, found that no matter from the media, or channels, or users, have to accumulate enough potential energy, then cb400x came later, in the domestic market will be what kind of pattern? Let's wait and see!