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49800! The 2021 Yamaha X-MAX300 will be reduced by 20,000 yuan in China
Release date:2021.04.27

Yamaha recently released the latest XMAX300 in Beijing, the price of 49800 yuan directly on the standard of Honda Fossa 350, this is formally introduced in the way of big trade sale, 3C certification costs amortize, the price compared with small trade down more than 10,000 yuan.

We all know that Yamaha XMAX300 has been introduced before, but due to the relationship of small trade, each car needs a relatively high cost of single verification, resulting in the price of 62800 yuan is a little too high. This time the 49,800 yuan XMAX300 is coming back, almost to the 53,000 yuan Honda NSS350.

Attached before the small trade car modification case, after the price can save money can be changed car ~

White XMAX 300 is one of the four colors available in China, which is the favorite color of Xiaobian. It is amazing that every once in a while the owner goes to the self-service car wash, and every time he washes his car, the modification will naturally appear on the car. Today to share the owner of the magic modification ~~

The front wheel selection of wear resistance and enhanced drainage Pirelli angel tire, but the owners usually have the habit of trotting, see this tire eat area is a fierce riding way ~~~


In order to facilitate the upgrade and increase the disc, we choose the most economical Brembo M4.32 radiation caliper with the Superfactory radiation caliper holder. The disc is FAR SA series, which can be customized floating disc. The SA series provides SUS420 with high strength heat treatment and the outer disc has a high hardness, which can be used with metal sintering grade. The inner plate and the floating buckle style can be customized, to make the piece choose FAR metal sintering grade temperature rise fast and wear-resistant, in the mountain ride can provide a strong braking force path.

Small areas can also show the beauty of high strength and special color, PROTI titanium alloy screws provide lightweight and high strength characteristics, while titanium temperature burning color to bring the vehicle detailed decoration. In order to make the brake feel more truly strong, the metal tubing of the whole car from Italy Unigasket is selected. The appearance of the pipe body and the color of the joint can be customized to match the color of the car.

RCS 15mm direct thrust main pump pushes 32mm piston area, can achieve soft Q not rigid feel, from Italy MALOSSI quality grip cover is to provide comfortable wear resistant feel, long time riding hands no longer dark.

The left rear brake configuration maintains the original master pump and brake caliper configuration, using the Ridea adjustable pull bar to improve the feel. And in small places to use PROTI screws for ornament, rearview mirror lock point is installed on the Baventure night hook.

Unigasket is also used in the rear brake tubing for more direct braking and increased durability.

To improve the weak far light from the original factory, it is necessary to choose the latest ADI two-color switchable fish-eye fog lamp set, which is easy to run mountains at night or to use in the low-light road. The driving recorder is the latest Polaroid Giant Humble Hawk to record their own driving safety.

The Real Energy R5 rectifier is designed as an open loop rectifier. The R5 rectifier is designed to provide power for the required power generation on the vehicle. The use of the R5 rectifier can reduce the load on the generator coil and reduce the waste heat buildup in the rectifier.

The exterior of the car is decorated with a DIY carbon fiber sticker envelope.

The black and white color matching has always been a simple comparison classic. The goggles have been replaced with GIVI goggles corresponding to the original lock points and screws.

The phone stands in a RAM octa-claw style and is mounted on the Hymmoto XMax 300 integrated stand, while Orange's electronic tire pressure sensor and a DiPro USB charging dock are also available.

Since you want a classic black and white match, you can't let go of the MOS carbon fiber meter outer cover with improved eye absorption.

In order to enhance foot stability and aesthetic feeling, aluminum alloy front and rear foot group is added.

Ride fast ride for a long time is the key to sit comfortable, the original premium quality comfortable seat cushion as long as the seat once, there will be people want to come to the store to place orders impulse.

The rear card rack is replaced with the spoof hand factory short card rack, and the rear camera of the driving recorder is installed on the upper left of the big brand.

The owner of the front shock absorber uses MJP extensor side preload adjustable front fork inner tube group, and the back is matched with Shark Factory X2-ST extensor side preload adjustable rear shock absorber, and custom-made color matching PROTI screws, both efficiency and appearance have done a good interpretation.

The carbon fiber cover of the rear armrest is also the result of the owner's own DIY.

As the owners are very demanding on the cleaning of their vehicles, the addition of MOS embossed soil is necessary.

Compared to the front wheel guidance and water requirements, the rear wheel part is focused on high grip and stability, so the current most popular Pirelli scooter special devil tire, is the first choice of blood running mountain, the characteristics of the car owners in the mountain kill no bad.