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Car review, Tiger900 GT, three-cylinder sports utility!
Release date:2021.04.27

Today we're going to talk about the Triumph Tiger 900. We've got the GT Low version, so let's talk about what we know about it


Since it is named Tiger, I believe that Triumph also hopes to inject the elegant and fierce character of Tiger into this car. Therefore, from the aspect of appearance, although the displacement is 888cc, we try our best to lengthen the lines of the car, so as to make the car big and not too bloated, but also have a sense of aggression

So headlamps is narrow and long design is with the feeling of the goggles, or you can imagine, endured the god turtle on the eye of the layers of cloth, the memory of generation ha 】 【 look from the front, at the same time extended beaks, rise of the windshield, and on both sides of the tank, and original factory with two shoot the light, is the sort of angular, not slow, delicate and pretend bility

Look down again, the separate water tank, on the one hand can be in the vision from the bottom and the side of the time is not clumsy, in addition to the two with the Angle of the water tank, their independent cooling fan and exhaust, should be in the cooling effect will promote a level

The width of the three-cylinder engine can still show a sense of muscle, so the two sides of the engine housing are different from the body of the color, to highlight the power part

The strong three exhaust through the bottom of the engine and then in the rear up to extend to the rear seat position, from the side of the sense of strength and wild up, we can find that the visual experience of the long lines, or let the body show that kind of wild light and flexible temperament



Parallel three cylinders of 888CC engine, the number of displacement is very festive, suitable for the Chinese people, compression ratio reached 11.27:1, as a model with high rotation is normal. 70kW at 8750 RPM is 95 horsepower and 87 Nm of torque at 7250 RPM. This is 3 Nm worse than the BMW 850, but it is obviously higher. The 850 has more power squeeze and is more comfortable with low twist than the Tiger 900 at low RPM

The upgraded steel tube split frame can reduce the weight of the vehicle and facilitate the maintenance of the vehicle. At the same time, the engine is also used as a part of the frame to enhance the rigidity of the vehicle

The front Marzocchi 45mm inverted shock absorber is adjustable for preload, compression and rebound damping. The travel of the 140 is much less than that of the Pro version of the 240. The rear shock absorber is also adjustable for preload and rebound damping

On the braking side, the direct push-up pump, front Brembo 4 integrated caliper, rear Brembo single piston caliper, front and rear turn off ABS system, in the active safety section is very high configuration, dry weight 193kg, tank capacity 20 litres, wheelbase 1545mm, The height of 760-780 can be adjusted according to your own situation

Comfortable, handlebar guard, big windshield, cruise at fixed speed, handlebar heating, cushion heating, in the back seat at the same time there is a USB jack for long-distance motorbike charging use

Highway control

For ordinary cyclists, basically in the cycling mode rainy day mode, you can experience the surging power of this car, the grip is slightly unstable, the rear wheel skids, you can obviously feel the TC involved in the calm and security

The riding height of 760-780 is more comfortable and the pressure is less, but the riding posture will also be changed due to the change of the riding height, which will affect the comfort of long-distance riding. The support of the seat cushion will also be insufficient, and it will also affect your body's ability to recover and adjust when riding on pavement

Triumph officials have always emphasized covering the full range of revs, so they even made super models like the Rocket with 221Nm of torque, so we can still feel this character conditioning even in this more exclusive 900cc three-cylinder model

In gear 1, 2 and 3, you can start on the ground without oil. At the same time, the torque distribution can reach 70% after the speed exceeds 2000 RPM, which is enough, and the fun will continue to give you

Closed road test, first gear can go up to 80, second gear can go up to 130, third gear can go up to 160, so the top speed of this car is over 200

The first gear speed up to 5000 RPM, the vibration will be relatively dense, poor comfort, the second gear on 6000 RPM will still have vibration, the third gear after the vibration will be later, is not in the common speed and gear range, more comfortable

Although the head of the vehicle looks large, the actual center of gravity is focused on the front of the foot some position, so the overall stability and flexibility of the ride is better than the visual feeling, and the overall sense of the above part of the suspension is very strong, and the tracking of the vehicle is also relatively OK

Let's talk about the front and rear suspension. In the riding experience, the support of the front and rear shock absorbers is very good, especially in the case of strong braking and oil supply. The compression and rebound damping of the shock absorbers can be very good to convey your meaning to the tires and keep the vehicle stable

In some potholes and ditches can also be very good filtering road bumps, at the same time the preload, compression rebound damping are adjustable can also make some necessary adjustments according to your use of the scene is not the same

Unpaved road experience

Non-pavement pavement passability is still OK, but the ground clearance, as well as the configuration of the shock absorber travel, like off-road vehicles have requirements for him to find that it may be a little difficult, high engine, in the case of low speed, suddenly give oil speed rise will not keep up, easy to produce some misoperation

There is no problem with standing cycling, riding posture and center of gravity configuration. However, when riding on a seat, due to the low seat height, it is difficult for the rider to make rapid correction through his body when sudden balance problems occur. In Off Road mode with TC off, the low torsion of the vehicle will be improved, but the effect is limited

It's a GT model, and it's clear that Triumph wants to position it as a road bike ride, but it's a bit more honest in terms of configuration and price than the humble Versys, the aggressive 790ADV, and the confident 850GS

Configuration almost armed to the teeth, no matter you have no use, you want, you do not understand he has, you care about sitting high so you lower the seat height, you can think of high pretend bility things, so cruise speed, curved ABS, a variety of riding modes, shock absorbers all kinds of adjustable for you

I believe there will be a bigger market in the future. In the final analysis, this 900GT, or even its more advanced PRO version, is not a real ADV car model, which can take you to adventure travel, walk and block the road, and run long distances. But hardcore flying through the wall should not become a normal demand, even if you give all kinds of imagination, reality depends on your individual ability!