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Most Comfortable Motorcycle -- Honda Goldwing 2021 Mini Modified
Release date:2021.04.27

When buying a heavy motorcycle, the primary consideration is not performance, but more focus on travel comfort, and even want to give the rear seat like a regal top level of enjoyment, the Honda GoldWing will certainly be one of the vehicles to consider the scope of 2021, after a minor redesign, this land carrier has become more comfortable

The 2021 Honda Golden Wing looks almost the same as the 2018 model, replacing the rounded and gentle design with sharper lines to create a youthful look. A new fog light at the front of the engine becomes standard, and the fog light switch is integrated into a large number of control keys in the center of the vehicle

The new gold wing mainly has two upgrades. First of all, the surface material of the seat cushion is changed into a suede material, which improves the tactility and anti-skid effect. The "back" Angle of the back seat has been upgraded from 17 degrees to 24.5 degrees silently. The foam on the back seat has also been increased by 5mm thickness. The overall rear seat position has also been increased by 30mm, making the seat more comfortable


Due to the adjustment of the rear seat back, Honda has simultaneously upgraded the rear compartment capacity from 50L to 61L. The more practical body sense is that two full helmets can be easily put into the compartment, which can easily meet all the needs of traveling

Most of the details of 2021 Honda GoldWing's modifications are for a slight upgrade in comfort. Power is still powered by an 1833cc horizontal opposite six-cylinder engine, which has maximum horsepower of 124.7hp and maximum torque of 170Nm. With DCT transmission and riding mode, the amazing weight of 386kg is not felt at all

Safety and comfort equipment is also full point, airbags, electric windshield, heating handle, warm seat cushion, radio, Bluetooth integration function, even 21 years is to increase the output power of the speaker, and according to the speed of the ride to adjust the volume of music