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Does Huswana design an electric car that will let you forgo the fuel engine?
Release date:2021.04.29

In addition to KTM, the Pierer Mobility Group also includes Husqvarna and Gasgas, which has demonstrated electric vehicles in its future plans at the end of 2020. Now, Huswana has come up with the e-Pilen concept


Stefan Pierer, the boss of KTM, has repeatedly said that in the near future we will only see electric two-wheelers in urban environments. And that's exactly what the Huswana E-Pilen is trying to do, apparently as an electric vehicle for commuting and leisure. Inspired by the design of the Vitpilen and SVartpilen models, Huswana envisioned the e-pilen concept as a step toward electric urban transportation in the future


E-Pilen's electric motor, located on the rear rocker arm, produces 8 kW of power and uses a conventional chain drive. The range is about 100km, which Mr Huswana thinks is enough for a city commute


Huswana has yet to reveal any more details. E-Pilen is just a concept for now, and if all goes according to plan, the soonest we could see it is 2022