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Can R7 replace R6?
Release date:2021.05.20

Yamaha YZF-R7 finally came, shape and R6, R1 is very similar, and the headlight is the use of a very similar to MT-07 fish-eye headlight, for a lot of brothers haven't touched R6, R7 to too suddenly, too late to flow the bell son...

In terms of power, the YZF-R7 uses the same 689cc CP2 parallel twin-cylinder engine as the MT-07, with maximum horsepower of 73.4PS/ 8750RPM and maximum torque of 67Nm/6500RPM

In order to provide a more comfortable driving experience, the R7 uses the CP2's first-ever sliding clutch and replaces the piston with a lightweight forging aluminum alloy piston, which provides a more stable and smooth power extension and operation response at high turns. Yamaha also offers QSS as an option

In terms of suspension and braking, the R7 is much better than the MT-07: the front brakes are four-calipers with a 289mm dual disc, and the rear brakes are single-piston calipers with a 245mm disc. The 41 mm front fork has also been upgraded to KYB's fully adjustable reverse fork, coupled with the also fully adjustable multi-link mid-mounted single gun rear shock absorber


As for the electronic control equipment, R7 and MT-07 have no other electronic control system except ABS. The only new function on YZF-R7 is the optional transmission and quick discharge function

The vehicle weighs 188kg, slightly 4kg more than the MT-07; The seat is 835mm high, 30mm higher than 07

The R7 is available in two colors, including classic Yamaha blue with black accents and an all-black palette

The price of Yamaha YZF-R7 in the US is $8,999. For comparison, the MT-07 in the US market is $7,699 and the domestic MT-07 is $109,800. If imported, the price of R7 may be around $130,000

For such a car model as R6, it is very successful in technology. It is undoubtedly a label of The Times in the medium displacement four-cylinder model, but the excessive pursuit of speed and performance, in fact, the friendly degree of human-car interaction is still poor

At the same time, the 600cc 4-cylinder platform, except Honda, seems to be difficult to derive a series of models, which doomed the high research and development cost of this platform, and the model is difficult to have a competitive price

As the dream model of many people, R6 must be hard to be replaced, but R7 is much closer to ordinary users and business in terms of configuration, styling or price. It is very possible to replace R6 as Yamaha intermediate displacement in business.