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How about the Chunfeng 250SR Track Edition?
Release date:2021.05.13

Chunfeng 250 SR in the domestic small displacement class sports car market, can be considered in a fairly high position. While other manufacturers are trying to figure out how to play with the price reduction strategy, Spring Breeze has taken the lead and released a 250 SR on the track with the added volume and no added price. What are the ingredients? And how does riding experience change after the change? Let's go through them

The first is the eye-catching turquoise blue racetrack flower, plus the hump, which makes the car even more eye-catching on both the street and the track. Elevated feet and lower handlebars bring the body closer to the fuel tank, making the sitting position a battle and requiring a good waist for long street rides

The track 250SR is also powered by a 249cc single-cylinder water-cooled DOHC engine with a maximum power of 20.5kW (27.5hp) /9750rpm and maximum torque of 22Nm/7500rpm. The dual fuel line is very sensitive, the acceleration is very fast, and the feeling of starting and overtaking can be better than most 250 classes. But precisely because of the sensitivity, when the throttle is cut off, the power is not linear to break, in 3000 RPM below will immediately have the feeling of hitting the wall. Although this is in line with the setting of the track, daily cycling still requires the rider's skills, which requires fine control of the throttle, throttle clutch and good coordination, gear down and fuel up, otherwise the car will be very frustrated

Daily cycling should be in a quiet and comfortable zone at 4000-6000 RPM, while passion driving should be in 7000-10000 RPM. After the closed road test, the top speed of the first gear is 45km/h, the second gear is 70km/h, the third gear is 90km/h, the fourth gear is 110km/h, the fifth gear is 125km/h, and the top speed is about 130km/h


The track version has a new CF-SC sliding clutch for lighter handling and a more novice - friendly shift experience

Upgraded front and rear KYB shock absorber, sharp acceleration and sharp deceleration support is better. The brake pads are upgraded. The front wheels are equipped with a 292mm disc with four opposite pistons, and the rear wheels are equipped with a single-piston floating caliper with 220 discs. In the braking experience, the front brake strength is weak, and the model positioning does not match

It is equipped with a high-definition full-color TFT meter, with ECO and SPORT interfaces, and the brightness can be automatically adjusted with the ambient light

In terms of handling, because the car is light and the center of gravity is a little higher, it is easy to tip over even at low speed. The tyres have good grip and give you confidence in bending. Handlebars are more flexible, the kind of flexible streetcar used in the sports car, feel a little interesting

The quality of the 165kg trim and the height of the 780mm make it easy for novices who want to get a sports car to drive

Overall, this is one of the most exciting cars in the 250 class. Lower handlebar elevated foot, although the sitting posture is more tired, but it can bring their driving enthusiasm. The 250 SR has received a lot of attention since its launch, and the track version has been upgraded without a price increase, which has undoubtedly received a wave of praise for Spring