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Harley spun off its LiveWire electric car brand
Release date:2021.05.13

Harley-Davidson, one of America's best-known motorcycle makers, announced the launch of its all-electric brand, LiveWire. Just looking at the LOGO gives people a completely different image from Harley, with a technology brand atmosphere

The original version of LiveWire, Harley's pure electric car, has not only appeared in Marvel movies, but also through the motorcycle adventure documentary Long Road, which shows the American motorcycle giant's determination to develop electric cars

A few years after the launch of LiveWire, Harley-Davidson announced that it would separate itself as a pure electric car EV brand, demonstrating not just its previous determination but also its future ambition


The brand LiveWire will focus on the development of electric vehicles and the development of relevant technologies. At the present stage, it will pursue urban commuting to deal with the transformation that will be faced by the motorcycle field in the future. And in the press release also mentioned that the brand development of LiveWire will start from the virtual headquarters and network platform, and set up exclusive exhibition rooms

Perhaps independent brands can make the development of LiveWire electric vehicles no longer limited by the framework of Harley-American locomotives, while developing products that satisfy consumers. After all, the trend of zero emission is inevitable, and allocating more effort and resources to the development of electric vehicles will be the strategy of many brands in the future