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Kawasaki 4-cylinder 250 vintage car, Z250RS?
Release date:2021.05.13

Ever since Kawasaki launched its surprise four-cylinder ZX-25R in 2020, there have been a number of rumors about derivative cars with the same engine, the most anticipated of which is the retro-styled Z250RS. Recently, foreign media Young Machine has designed such a Z250RS rendering

Z family car series from 400, 650 to 900 displacement, has been quite complete. There is no need to change the frame, just through a simple appearance modification to make Z400, Z650 into Z400RS, Z650RS for Kawasaki is not difficult, but I do not know why there is always no smaller displacement, the price of more accessible Z-RS retro models. Kawasaki last year in the domestic market vintage car Z900RS, by virtue of the elegant atmosphere of the appearance, evoked a lot of car friends retro feelings. But the price, Z900RS is higher than Z900 nearly 1/3, so that many people are difficult to accept

Looking at the current retro car market, the choice of small and medium displacement affordable models has been quite a lot. Faced with such a market, how can Kawasaki attract customers if it is only now making a move?


In addition to selling feelings, kawasaki, so has very mature model competition is very difficult, on the contrary, if the use of ZX - 25 r has built four cylinder, 250 launch Z250RS 56-point thrashing, for kawasaki, besides can reduce engine research and development costs, as a handsome don't ride fast, fun riding a streetcar restoring ancient ways, The Z250RS can definitely generate good sales figures

All of this, of course, is reasoning. Have to say, if the kawasaki really released Z250RS the 250 cc four cylinder car restoring ancient ways, that's not really a point, after all, not all people like to challenge the limit under the track, if we can have a handsome and good-looking small-engine streetcar restoring ancient ways, can meet the daily walking, small long demand over the weekend, the most important is to have four cylinder voices! Is it not a kind of plain fun?